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Head of Growth. It can mean a lot of different things. So, guess what? I am going to try and provide some clarity on what this gig is and where it fits whilst not dishing up death by dot point. But I can’t promise you I won’t sneak in a few buzzwords and I won’t be dialing down the positivity, I won’t do it!  

Carer Solutions Australia.  Go, look them up. Have a read and come back when you’re done… OK so now you’ve done that let’s get right to it…

A lot of people talk about purpose and solving real problems. Contributing to something bigger than, say, working in a tech-bro start-up trying to engineer an exit of a ba-gillion dollars, somehow, and constantly referring to the Bay Area like it is holy ground.    

There is genuine care about what they do and how they improve the lives of many. This is a tight-knit group of highly empathetic people that are purpose-driven and very much have the “customer “at the heart of what they do. This is not something I read from a random motivational post and did a copy+paste, it is merely my observations. But now? It is time to really grow up, build on the good work they have done and to scale.

But, but… what about the gig??? Good question, dear reader. That last bit I wrote above, now, that is where you come in.  

This is not an out-an-out Sales gig. Yes, it is a growth leadership gig but it’s about building relationships and bringing strong leadership into the business. What does that mean?

Building capability, efficiency and effectiveness. Be the leader in prioritizing and activating key channels. Working closely with marketing on building brand awareness. Accountability for your P&L and defining what success looks like. This gig is also heavy on analysis and research to really lead and navigate this business through significant growth and possibly change. You’ll be on the front line to bring insights back into the business to help drive innovation in services and customer experience.

Who do you need to be?

A real people-focused growth leader who can drive business development across a number of markets, nationally. Be able to lead, influence, contribute to high-level business objects whilst being able to do some of the doing as well. It is a leadership gig, true, but you are not completely removed from the tools. Highly commercial, analytical but also a strong relationship builder and champion for culture are all equally important. 

Understanding of Founder lead dynamics and comfortable managing up to board level is a big plus. Being comfortable with pace, ambiguity but really knowing your business as well as the ability to support and contribute throughout is super important. You really care about your team, customers as much as driving positive outcomes.

I’ve written a lot. I’m sorry. I’m bloody excited and I honestly could type a lot more – but that’s probably best over a conversation, human-to-human! H2H™ for the cool kids, like me, right?

So, if this sounds like you? Or if you’re curious/interested to learn more and are down for some H2H™ time (honestly, you can use it) then apply and say hi!
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