Head of Customer Experience


This is a newly created gig and the scope and reach throughout the business is, well, it’s big. This role at Sensis is integral in driving the business in a direction that is more product and CX led.
OK, so what does this all mean and what am I possibly getting myself into?
All great questions.
Sensis is big (also). It is complex and the business has a long history in digital marketing. With nearly 200,000 customers across 20 unique and complementary advertising, presence, and engagement products, yup it’s pretty big (again!). The challenge, here, is to simplify the way the customers experience those digital products – and to accelerate them to the moments where they’re receiving real value.
This role has direct accountability in design, research and VoC but also a leader and heavily influential across Product, Sales, Marketing, Onboarding, Fulfilment and Billing. Understanding who are the customers, what products are they using, what else could they be using and who/what to prioritise and why? How do we simplify the process and get to value whilst providing a far superior experience? 
The (platform) vision is to connect all Australians by helping SMBs engage with their customers and market themselves to new audiences. Execution is product-led, meaning their growth and success will be driven by the quality of the experiences that Sensis deliver to their customers.
Who do you need to be?
Firstly, someone up for the challenge and comfortable with complexity. There is a lot of thinking, problem-solving required – but you need to also be able to lead and get on with it.
Customer journey mapping across all parts of the business, driving simplicity and faster pathways to value for the customer and business.
Data. Lots of it. You need to be used to and comfortable with it. You might even say big data.
It’s a great role (I think) and a rewarding one, too, that can drive a lot of positive change, everywhere. A real opportunity to help Australian SMBs navigate the post-COVID online world and compete with more established digital players through performance advertising, websites, messaging, reputation management and more.
If this sounds like you and your curiosity has transformed to interest, then… apply and say hi! Prizes for those who can point out how many times I said “big”. Seriously, I’m so much fun at parties, I promise.
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