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This is a big one. Think of this as more of a marketing and business leadership gig with P&L responsibility for a number of product lines under an innovative, growth-focused brand, within a well-known and much loved (I promise) business – MECCA. And this is a pivotal commercial leadership role within Signature Line. 
A lot of words, yes. Yes. So, what the hell am I talking about?
It’s funny, when most people think of Brand, they think communications, logo design, slogans and advertising and expect to see Brand Managers running around with a pack of crayons, adding very little commercial value.  
Well… don’t think that. In fact, never think that.
This role requires someone with the ability to apply strategic thinking, creativity, spot market opportunities, leadership and the key one here, drive growth. You have overall profit management in the P&L, so creativity and commercial nous are equally important as well as thinking AND doing.   
When you step into the role, the strategy for 2020 has been created, so the first year will feel more tactical than what the role is. It’s all about how we drive delivery, work smarter and provide strong people and commercial leadership.
Beyond that? This is a key role in creating brand strategy, understanding the overall business objectives and identifying what the bigger picture Signature Line business objectives are, that need to be designed and agreed upon in order to support and drive MECCA towards that vision.
Looking closer to the detail – really understand the customer. Who are they? What are the opportunities? What do we need to change? What can we create? How do we grow? So, working very closely with NPD.
Stakeholder management goes without saying, but there are a number of senior stakeholders that have a genuine interest and excitement about this part of the business that you will be able to work with and exchange ideas. You’ll have scope and influence to make key decisions. There is a team you’ll need to lead, at various levels, and you’ll need to bring different business units together to deliver.
What about the business? They lead with culture first on hires. You’d be walking into a well-functioning team that still need some help and direction, and a business unit (Signature Line) that gels and performs very well. The wider business also has genuine interest in the success of this team. It is not hierarchical and people are not precious. The thinking is more about, how do we solve the problem and provide the best outcome for the customer?
If I think of the type of person that will work well in this role and add value to their career, there are a number of different backgrounds that could work. Growth and customer-focused Marketing/Brand leaders are the priorities and health & beauty experience is highly desirable.  
Make sense? Sound interesting? It’s hard not to be biased, but this is a meaty role, with a lot to it, that doesn’t come around too often. If this has tickled you, talk to us.
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