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If you cast your mind back a few years, before the dark times, before COVID; if you were passionate and vocal about your thoughts on things like logistics, fulfillment, or other terms such as last-mile delivery… You wouldn’t get invited to a lot of parties. 

Maybe a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for cool) party. One time I came home and my flatmates were hosting one of those and it was, well, it was dull. 

But fast-forward to the here and now (at ludicrous speed!) and all of a sudden it is not only interesting but highly relevant. To everyone. We care about it. Unlike D&D. 

In Australia, last-mile delivery isn’t clearly defined. There is no dominant or group of dominant players in the market. There is a huge opportunity here. And there is a hell of a lot more to it than dropping your box, knocking on the door (and always when the baby is asleep) to then vanish off into the van parked on the street. 

This gig at ANC has a big role to play in shaping what last-mile delivery can be in this market. And I don’t think that’s an overstatement. So, let’s talk about all of the things then…

Who is ANC? 

A last-mile and D2C specialist. They have partnered with a number of large/well-known and emerging eCommerce businesses in the country. 

When I think of fulfillment, the perception is that a courier is like anyone else. Basic home deliveries and highly transactional. 

ANC is very much technology and CX-led and also ambitions to significantly disrupt the delivery environment in a market that is experiencing significant YOY growth. 

What about the culture? 

Culture is really hard to define in limited real estate in job ads like these. This is definitely one to cover over a conversation but there is a real desire to change and innovate. 

ANC has the means, the track record, and the drive to actually execute. They know their core focus and where they want to go – but know they don’t have all the answers. Prioritise, test and validate. It gets said A LOT but I see it and hear it. 

This isn’t a traditional delivery business, this is a technology business. A marketplace. And one with real passion, motivation and ambition to get there. 

What about the gig? 

The easiest and most concise way to cut this role down is into 3 (very big) parts… 

Fleet Growth. What I mean specifically is demand and resource planning, sourcing and recruitment, and onboarding and transition. 

Driver Experience. This includes the driver value proposition and benefits, driver development and retention. 

Fleet performance. Sustainability and zero emissions, strategic partnerships, contracts and performance management, driver insights and compliance verification. 

Just in the above points, there is a lot to tackle and some key problems to solve and in this role, you will create and own the strategy as well as drive execution. The business has clear focus and ambitions (as I’ve said). How does this significant part of the business support and drive towards that? 

Where are the opportunities to drive greater efficiencies, exceed the demands of customers and consumers and really be a leader and a point of difference to support growth ambitions? 

Whom do I need to be? 

You understand last-mile delivery. You’ve had exposure to or experience in driver onboarding and experience. A product/technology-first business that is scaling or has scaled. 

This could either be a step up or something you have owned and done before. Comfortable reporting to the C-Suite and/or Board level stakeholders. Comfortable with significant scope, and influence, able to create strategy and drive execution. 

If this sounds interesting and if you’re somewhat curious, then please apply and say hi! 

Brett Skeen
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0447 890 097 

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not going to lie, I’m bloody horrible with voice mails. Text, email, and chats are great. Applications on top of that are EVEN BETTER!!!

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