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Big things are happening here. So many things. All of the things. Someone recently said to me that the term/word “rad” is best left in the past. A time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would go way beyond totally tubular, on a weekly basis. Simpler times. However, I disagree and I’m using it where I see fit. #jointhemovement
This leadership role. This GM role is, yup,  totally RAD. There are so many, many reasons why. But let us take a “journey” together through this job rad (get it?) that I am writing to unpack the RADness of this role, shall we?
Carer Solutions Australia. You do not come across businesses that are as purpose-led as this one. You really don’t. This is a culture and a team that have immersed themselves into the business, what it does, for whom and the difference it makes. It is authentic and as genuine as I’ve seen any business I’ve interacted with. Beyond that, it is definitely worth uncovering moreover a conversation.
So, why do they need a GM and what am I expected to do? All great questions.
This is a key leadership role and one that requires you to really get to know and understand the business, take ownership of operations, growth and the overall direction of the business. What the clear signs or definitions of success are, largely come from you.
This is a human-centric business – what they do and how they operate. Leading with empathy, understanding your people and how to support but get them to buy into and follow the vision/strategy. Only by immersing yourself in the business can you really understand how to define metrics and create a long-term growth plan.
It’s not about quick wins at any cost. This isn’t a tech start-up with a limited runway. This is a successful business and you’re here to help it capitalize on that, accelerate scaling and to grow up.
Who do you need to be?
A strong leader who has done this before or been a key person in scaling an organization. Right now, it’s nurturing the people within, the culture and leading the leaders and their teams. Working with the Founder on the vision and driving the business towards that. But longer-term, looking at processes, structure, ways of working, expectations and what good looks like and driving change where needed.  Understanding and buying into the purpose of the business, but also driving it towards commercial success.
If I have stirred some kind of a positive response – if you’re curious, interested and want to know more? Well, apply and then let’s talk about it, shall we?
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