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Spring is here! The sun is out and it might just be time for us to start thinking about ditching the iso uniform. Trackies and ugg boots are going to have to make way for shorts, right?
Life doesn’t look so doom and gloom. There’s a sense of hope and the glass is starting to appear half full.
I’ll use that as my segue into what I’m actually here to talk about – the General Manager gig at SitePoint. This is a business leadership role, but the founders of this bootstrapped business are looking for someone with a little entrepreneurial flare.
What’s the gig?
Well, what’s the next stage of growth and how do we get there? You’ve got help from the founders and a trusted and valued team around you. You are accountable for running the business but also looking ahead for new opportunities.  
In recent times a lot of work has been put into optimising the business, expanding the product feature set and the content offering. There is a strong community here – how do we leverage this and what is the direction we take this business? What do we need to create, prioritise, invest in and what’s the expected outcome(s)?
In terms of the culture, SitePoint have enjoyed a lot of successes and have been around for some time. But it still feels “start-up”. The Founders are still involved but they know how to support and stay out of your way. Culture is tough to define in a job ad, so I feel that is best covered over a chat. 
What are they looking for?
This is very much a Product lead role and a time to be driving growth. You need to be commercially strong, but quite creative and entrepreneurial. What I mean is, this is your business to run. The ideas and direction need to come from you.
You need to be comfortable in a lean and fast-paced environment. I know those terms are thrown around a lot, but perhaps I can give you more context over a conversation as well.  
This would suit someone with Product leadership in similar lean environments that has been a key person in driving growth either in something early stage or more mature. So maybe a Head of Product looking to move into a first time General Manager role or a more established General Manager that’s able to get their hands dirty in the Product and driving outcomes.
It’s a cracking role and a really interesting problem to solve.
If this sounds interesting, intriguing or pretty bloody exciting then drop us a line and say hi, but… Please, please, please apply if you can – there are so many means of communication and platforms and we don’t want to miss anyone!
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