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This is a big one! Yup, a GM gig at one of the darlings of the Melbourne FinTech scene. What is FinTech? Well, it’s Finance and Technology, condensed down to “FinTech” to make it sound cooler. It doesn’t need to, but still, it hits the mark. FinTech does sound cool.  All jokes aside, though, this takes us squarely into the world of Payments.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love the world of Payments. It’s exciting. I’m 100% serious. It’s almost as exciting as the time my parents bought us the original Nintendo Entertainment System, NES for sort, for Christmas in 1987 that came with Mario Brothers AND Duck Hunt. ON THE SAME CARTRIDGE. We had Mario and could shoot Ducks (but never the dog, oh how we tried) on the TV SCREEN! It was wild and, boy, what a time to be alive that was. I also met my wife through the wonderful world of Payments – but that NES though…
Anywho, a General Manager gig can mean a lot of things and nothing at the same time. As deep as that is – I’m going to try and unravel some of the mystery, but as with all job ads, it’ll probably give rise to more questions than answers. I’m just here to let you know it’s a thing, give some context and get you curious and not bore the pants off you.
The key parts in this role fall into driving Growth. This role gives you the responsibility for their payments platform that sits across Marketplaces and eCommerce. The functions you’d be leading cover Sales, Customer Success, Product and a wee little bit of Marketing. It’s a structure where you’d be reporting into the CEO and given the support and autonomy to run this part of the business. And with that last point, I really do mean it.
So, things that you need to be comfortable with – creating and driving the Growth Strategy, so both Sales and Marketing plans and activity. Product strategy and delivery. It might not appear so to some, but it’s a pretty broad and meaty gig.
So, if I’m searching for candidates, I don’t need experts in, say, Acquiring, Gateway, POS or Wallets – but someone that has had exposure to Payments. Think, marketplace maybe? Or any app, SaaS that Payments has been a consideration. But I’m trying to find someone that is familiar with “start-ups” that are no longer a start-up that needs to grow up a little and start to REALLY scale. Now’s the time to be continuing to do that. So, if I’m talking Series A, Series B maturity, you’ve done it.
As for the kind of functional background? That’s a tough one. You don’t often see someone that has covered all of those areas as a specialist or as a leader. The key things for me is, accountability on the vision for the Product and being comfortable with that (a track record would be really nice) and someone that understands how to work with Technology and able to lead a high performing Sales team as well as leading people towards a vision and objective. Even as I type this, I realise as you, the reader, find these last two paragraphs, perhaps all of my ramblings, just not helpful at all. Sorry about that.
With all of this said and if you’ve gotten this far – gold star for perseverance. If this sounds interesting, if you’re curious and if you’re thinking “Hey, I’ve got no idea what this guy is trying to say, he seems a little dense, but I reckon this might be right” then why don’t we be good humans and have a conversation?
PLEASE NOTE: Before we do that, there are so many channels, platforms and devices with which we can communicate and it can spiral out of control pretty fast. I don’t rate my organisational skills highly. Can I recommend that if you want to chat, prior to applying – that’s cool, call, text or direct email works. But the best thing? Apply first then contact me directly, if I don’t do so first. Also, I am not great with voice mail at all. That will likely go straight into the nether, never to return. That’s it from me now, thanks!
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