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The idea of engaging with someone and paying for a service can be hard for so many reasons. Often getting what you need to know and want from salespeople is an arduous task. Real estate, cars, legal advice *cough* maybe even (some) recruiters *cough* can just make it so bloody painful.

Buying and/or selling your home, though, is one of the most pressure-filled, difficult and emotional decisions most of us will ever make. What if I get it wrong?

That “what if” makes finding that agent to get you the best outcome and experience daunting for a lot of Australians. This is a big reason as to why LocalAgentFinder came about. This is a two sided-marketplace that goes well beyond the comparison website where they started. There is a really good story to tell on the problems this business solves for vendors and estate agents alike and great CX is at the forefront of everything LAF does.

Yeah, let’s call it LAF. It’s cooler.

When the entire planet was on fire last year, LAF was not only able to survive but thrive during this period and the future looks bright. Engagement is the best it has been, there is purpose, direction and the growth story is nothing short of phenomenal.

I’d like to say it’s all down to me, but… that might not be entirely accurate. How the platform has evolved, the problems they solve and their standing in real estate has just progressed beyond expectations. Ways of working and engagement on both sides of the marketplace – they’ve cracked it.

We are pretty excited to be looking for a Frontend Developer to join the LAF engineering team to own their UI, continually improve their CX, and scale their platform.

The products
LAF is Australia’s leading property marketplace, founded to address the information asymmetry (and consequential frustrating experiences) that exists between property owners & agents. Their vision is to empower property owners to find the right agent, to add value in their property selling/managing process, and to connect them with highly engaged agents who value quality leads. Historically, there has been very little transparency around agent commissions, marketing fees and selling strategies and LAF provides property owners with access to this information. 

They have a variety of products and apps geared towards each distinct side of their marketplace. Their latest product, LAF Conveyancing, leverages LAF’s unique position and delivers a high quality conveyancing service to LAF property owners. They hope to grow to be the leading national conveyancing service.

The techy bits 
The LAF suite of products are built in a fleet of C# .NET API microservices with a React/TypeScript frontend hosted on AWS. From a frontend perspective, they use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Webpack, and npm.

What’s the role all about then?
We’re looking for a frontend developer to get deeeeep into how they do all things UI & ensure their frontend code base is future proof. The other devs on the team are fullstack, so this is an opportunity to really own their frontend architecture & frontend build pipelines, and really just radiate specialist knowledge + evangelize frontend best practices within the team. 

You’ll collaborate closely with product, design and marketing to ensure we are building the right things, and in the right way. Analytics tracking & testing will be at the heart of your engineering practice; both multivariate testing for iterative refinement, alongside A/B testing to help the business refine their products by measuring different frontend variants.  

It’s an exciting opportunity to be an active voice in the CX LAF provides for both homeowners and agents. This is *not* just an execution role but one that affords you to be involved in usability testing, research and planning discussions to shape the direction of their UI and CX into the future. This is a business that’s growth continues to accelerate, and the array of front-end assets are at the very heart of this.

A little bit more about you

  • You are passionate about CX, UX & UI!
    You have frontend development experience across HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.
  • You have strong written & verbal communication, and can happily collaborate with nontechnical folks.
  • Most importantly, you are an ambitious & inquisitive mind.

Why LAF?
They are a tight-knit bunch, who love to have a bit of fun together and collaborate closely across the business with just about everyone. It’s a real start-up vibe, where ideas & experimentations are welcomed with open arms & the work that you contribute to day-to-day will make a huge impact on their roadmap. You will be given creative freedom and genuinely trusted to implement frameworks and technology as you see fit; they’re a small team with solid tenure looking for a specialist to come in — they want to see your opinions and ideas brought to life. You will have a say in both engineering and CX strategy. 

Next steps
If you’re still with me and if this sounds like it’s worth finding out more, great… I’ve still got it! But seriously, apply and say hi! I’d love to learn more about you.

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