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What if I told you that there is a business here in Brisbane who was founded by a group of legends that previously worked with the likes of Google + Microsoft, and in a very short space of time have built an incredible startup that is now firmly partnered up with FACEBOOK?

I know, right. 

We’ve been exclusively partnered up with this company since October last year, and I fondly remembered when we initially met [over a beer or two at Newstead Brewery, actually!] they casually dropped into their conversation that they were not long back from a trip to the US where they visited the Facebook HQ’s and personally had lunch with ‘Zuck’ (Mark Zuckerberg). Yeah, no biggie.

To tell you a little bit more about who our client is, they were founded around two years ago, and they’ve reached double digits in (staff) already and have MASSIVE ambitions of adding to their crew within the next six months. They’re headquartered out of Brisbane, with team members located across the globe in places like Sydney, Melbourne, Denver, and Atlanta. At their core, they’re a services-based business committed to productizing in-demand, employee-driven experiences/solutions as we grow.

They’re specialists in exploring and leveraging modern digital platforms to create elegantly connected, digitally enhanced, and well-communicated workplaces. In short, they’re solving problems for companies with organization-wide communication, collaboration, and productivity challenges.  

The team collectively get their kicks from helping people to feel and perform their best at work, together. Their mission is to empower employees by enabling the most engaging and effortless work experiences — every day. All of the team are pretty psyched about the notion of constantly improving employee experiences and partnering with leading organizations around the world to help them achieve their full potential by helping employees better connect, collaborate and get things done. 

Ok, so here’s where you come in: 

So, the title internally has been coined as ‘Experience Consultant’ and I know what you’re thinking. 

What does that mean exactly and am I the kind of person that would suit a role like this? 

Well, we think that the kinds of people who would suit a role like this might be working as a Management Consultant in a large consultancy firm, or even in a Service Delivery role or Client Engagement role as well. 

Our ideal person is someone who is no stranger to enterprise social collaboration platforms and mobile-first employee experiences, is a master of consulting, experience design and making change stick. You’re going to be someone who will be diving in to help clients solve their big, frequent employee experience challenges, so what we want here is somebody who is supremely comfortable in a B2B environment and knows what it takes to engage business leaders. You’re going to be hands-on enabling project team members, and be a person of the people — empathetic to frontline employee needs and challenges.

You’ll also need to be someone who’s super comfortable working autonomously, and engaging with 5+ clients on any given day, ducking and weaving between client engagements, needs and delighting at every touchpoint. Aside from having a pretty impressive career background in the world of management/technology/ innovation consulting, a huge part of hiring for this role is going to based on attitude and culture fit. So, if you’re clever, creative, curious, data-driven and have some cool ways of doing stuff — then chances are you’ll probably get on well. These guys really take a shining to people who are smart, work hard, seek diverse input/feedback, and love their craft.

To kick some goals in this role, you’re going to have: 

  • Circa 5 (five) years of experience in management and technology consulting with strong project management, change management, and design thinking skills;
  • A proven record of rolling out solutions and innovative, people-centered technology;
  • You’re no stranger to presenting to executives, facilitating workshops, running design jams, delivering training sessions, and crafting concise communications for change programs;
  • Experience in B2B or B2C startups would be great (not essential though);
  • An appreciation for the challenges of a scaling business, as well as an appetite for the opportunities that are indicative in a rapidly growing global business;
  • Experience managing people and building collaborative teams (is highly desirable);
  • No problems in managing up, sideways and externally. In other words, you’ve got some pretty tidy stakeholder engagement skills;
  • Experience in crafting thought leadership pieces for valued content marketing and enhancing client success services;
  • Confidence and belief in the work you’re capable of doing, meaning you’re comfortable to work closely with and advise senior executives;
  • Excellent cross-functional consulting skills and problem-solving abilities to deliver innovative outcomes; And
  • An appreciation for wanting to be in front of the client when essential to reaching or delivering the best outcome — and you’re up for travel as required. 

Here are some dot points that concisely map out what you’ll be up to day-to-day:

  • Manage service delivery/client engagements across 5+ clients on any given day;
  • Truly partner with each client to help them establish a strategy and blueprint which will ensure achievement of platform adoption objectives, and effectively network within a client account to ensure successful execution of the agreed plan;
  • Innately understand the client’s business strategies and help them to apply proven methodologies to ensure problem-solution fit and lead them to their desired outcomes;
  • Facilitate relationships between business and technology teams, identifying business drivers and processes, and providing technical advisory related to platform integration with the client’s technology environment;
  • Facilitate innovation workshops with diverse audiences to identify employee experience and business innovation opportunities worth solving;
  • Help run design sprints and apply design thinking techniques and experience design skills to help clients articulate their employee experience challenges and priorities, and map out solution requirements;
  • Advise clients on business process improvements based on global best practices, business insight, industry knowledge, and visibility into current-vs-future state platform capabilities; And
  • Collaborate daily (face-to-face and virtual)  with the Workplace by Facebook teams — Growth/Sales, Success/Services, Partner Operations.

Does this opportunity sound interesting?

Are you intrigued?

I hope so, and I hope you feel compelled to personally hunt me down to chat about it.

Here’s how you’ll find me: 

[email protected]  //  0401 002 988

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