Director of Marketing, Acquisition


Writer’s block is a killer, isn’t it?
We recruiters often struggle with writing these things. As a whole, we love dot points, love a bit of copy+paste, and the words “leading” and, for the more progressive, “awesome”. I’ve been staring at this screen for over 24 hours and the tools aren’t as razor-sharp as what they normally might be and the creative juices, well, they’re not even there to flow, but let’s give it a go…
+1 point for a rhyme.
In this gig, you’re going to have to feel at home in a highly creative environment. You’re going to need to be much better than my fellow recruiters and I (bar set REALLY high here) but you’ll also be comfortable in making commercial decisions, getting into the detail with data and at home leading a team of world-class marketers and working alongside Developers, Designers and Product Managers in this well-known marketplace.
Who are they?
I’d love to tell you, right here. I would. But I’m not gonna. So, think marketplace, homegrown. A really good one that does good things, creatively. Good design is what they’re about, you with me?  
OK, but what’s the role all about?
You’re leading the team responsible for performance, SEO, Blog and other demand generating activities. All of the growth things! There is a lean towards SEO and the need here is to do the thinking and doing. You will create and own the strategy but also drive it yourself. SEM is a little different but also highly important. You will own the SEM strategy but you’ve got trusted people to deliver for you, so you won’t need to be as hands-on.
This role has a lot of scope and is responsible for leading the most significant driver for first-time visits. You will contribute cross-functionally and have influence and your voice will be heard in areas such as Design, Product and Tech.
Who do you need to be?
Best practice and being a domain expert is of vital importance. You also need to demonstrate experience in competing on a global scale. The US is key here. Confidence and comfort working side-by-side with Product, Design and Dev teams are also a must. Leadership? Show us that you “get it”. Multi-lingual experience is a bonus but not essential, as is marketplace experience.
I think I’m done, but this is only the very start for you! If you’re intrigued by the words I’ve somehow managed to put on this thing, apply and say hi! There are SO MANY communication platforms, so if you want to chat, I’m all for it, but applying first really helps.
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