Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce


So, we have a role and that is why there is a job ad! That’s how it generally works! Growth and performance marketing. That’s what this gig is all about and if that’s what you do, it might be worth reading the words, all of the words, below.

We’re partnering with HAIRHOUSE to recruit a Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, and to say we’re excited about this one would be a gross understatement!

But, what exactly are we talking about here? A most excellent question.

An opportunity to engage & grow the customer base of an Australian retailer and be a key player in navigating their ongoing digital transformation. I know, digital transformation, what does that even mean?! Well, in this instance, it’s all about harnessing digital channels to track customer behaviour, target segmented audiences and drive both physical and online traffic. Ultimately, it’s about increasing (and cultivating the existing) customer base, and subsequently generating revenue growth. Ah, if only it was as simple as it sounds. But hey, that’s where you come in!

Complexity is your cup of tea. In this role you’ll be driving digital strategies for a network of franchisee stores as well as the eCommerce channel. Data is a big part of the role. You’ll have an analytical mindset and enjoy getting to the bottom of insights and reports – on this point, you’ll be interacting with agencies to understand the results of programmatic, social and traditional media campaigns, digging into the data, and using these findings to plan future activities for growth.

Getting creative is important too. Understanding customer behaviours is your starting point for this. From here, it’s time to create a narrative and take customers on a clear journey. And while growth is a real focus, you’ll also be spending time looking at digital messaging for nurturing and retaining an engaged customer base.

Reporting to and working closely with the CMO, you’ll be empowered to make decisions and make changes where you see fit. There is a lot of scope and influence across many parts of the business. We can cover that in more detail.

Now for the hair puns… I hope you’re ready.

A voluminous customer base, processes to be straightened, digital roots ready for conditioning, and a multi-channel strategy on the cusp of a re-style (a sleek bob maybe?!). Some of my best work – you’re welcome.

Hilarious puns aren’t a pre-requisite for the role, but you’ll need to bring a commercial approach, an unwavering focus on ROI and solid expertise in digital marketing. Change is underway in this business – and along with this comes the opportunity for you to make a real impact. You’ll inherit a rapidly growing channel and it’s up to you to ensure continued customer growth.

There’s lots to do here. You’ll be straight into the numbers and posing questions about where to next, and how to get there.

Excited? You know what to do!

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