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There’s a lot happening out there in digital agency land right now. And if you’re in this world like I am, I bet you’re seeing this, too. 

Almost every agency I know is growing. 

Everyone seems to be winning new clients. Expanding their offering. And of course, recruiting!

Heck, it’s so good to see. 

Only a few weeks ago, we got introduced to an agency that we’ve known of for quite some time in the Brissy market, but haven’t had the pleasure of partnering with. I’d always heard really good things about this agency, and after meeting the founder and their team, we instantly clicked. 

The founder is so incredibly humble. 

He’s smart 
He’s kind. 
And oh-so modest. 

This awesome agency has been achieving some pretty big things behind the scenes, and what I really dig, is the fact that they’ve been keeping pretty quiet about achieving them. #modestAF. They’ve built an incredible business based on referrals and long-term business partnerships with their clients, and they haven’t had to make too much noise in order to be found. I dig this approach, it’s pretty cool. 

And because they’re continuing to do lots of cool stuff, and their client needs have well and truly heightened, it’s time to plug some gaps and help the team continue to produce kick-ass results. 

Rightio, here’s the lowdown on the gig. 

In this gig, you’ll be at the helm of managing projects with a really juicy bunch of clients, AND, you’ll be working strategically with teams across web, CRM, and eCommerce, too. These three pillars will form the foundation of this gig, and you’ll play a leading role in helping solidify custom projects and integrations. 

To make this role a shining success, you’ll be someone who knows a thing or two about digital project management, [preferably in an agency-type setting] and you’ll be confident when it comes to taking briefs and coordinating with technical specialists to deliver on projects across the full spectrum of digital. You’ll be a confident and articulate communicator who can effortlessly provide clients with insights and recommendations to clients, and deliver them in a way that respects the fact that they may not understand all of the intricacies of the digital and web landscape, but rather they understand the digital journey and what to expect along the way.

Here’s a little snapshot of what you’ll get up to: 

  • Coordinate Shopify, WordPress & App builds, CRM integrations, & Digital Marketing projects and clients through the inhouse team of designers, developers, content writers, and digital marketers;
  • Preparing agreements and project timelines with your client portfolio;
  • Feel comfortable setting up projects in project management software and using tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and the likes;
  • Taking the lead on allocating resources to meet project requirements;
  • Prepare timelines and client milestones – then manage all of these throughout the project process;
  • Arrange and run client meetings both at the commencement of the project and throughout delivery; And
  • Brief the ‘technical’ team and coordinate to and fro with the client throughout the project;
  • Client training.

Vibe check! Here are some dot points that’ll resonate with you: 

  • Solid web/digital Project Management experience; 
  • You’ve got high levels of EQ; 
  • Communication is your jam! You can seamlessly duck and weave in and out of client projects, and keep the team on track and aligned to timelines and budgets; 
  • You’re super approachable and are comfortable having conversations that some might feel are challenging; 
  • You’re commercially minded, and you have the ability to have everyone’s interest at heart when making decisions; 
  • You’re across all the ‘cool’ tools like; Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, Google Docs, TriggerApp (or similar); 
  • You’re a professional juggler and you’re a jet at organising people, projects, expectations; And
  • You’re passionate about keeping yourself abreast of the changing digital landscape; eCommerce trends, design trends, etc. 

So, how’s this all sounding? 

If the idea of being in a Digital Project Manager role like this excites you, then please, apply. But not just “I’ll flick my CV through kind-of-apply.” I want to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Tell me who you are, what you’re proud of, and of course, why you think this role is #SoYou. 

Want to chat before you apply? You can do that, too!

Here’s how you’ll find me. 

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