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Now we’ve been pretty lucky and are grateful to have made some pretty amazing new friends. The newest [and probably one of the coolest] is Richenda Vermeulen [CEO + Founder] and her crew at ntegrity, an agency that was built with the simple philosophy of helping good grow, they do this by giving their clients a louder voice and helping them reach people who don’t yet know their story, so that the difference they make, makes a bigger difference.

Inspiring stuff, and what I love about these guys is that they are all connected to this mantra; they all seriously love what they do and they are damn good at it! So there has been a bit of movement at the station [thanks to the amazing ongoing results], which has opened the opportunity for a new Digital Performance Manager, exciting times.

We hope that you are that person, that human who loves what they do and you understand that awesome performance is not all about driving down CPA, in fact it is about creating true balance in the journey;  connecting, engaging and interacting with the right people.. [If this is you, please do read on].

The amazing thing about this role, well you actually get to see first hand the impact that you’ve influenced or even generated [made happen]; from raising profiles of causes that need that extra lift in volume, to helping influence positive change [this is the part I mentioned earlier in using your powers for good].

Yes, there are some amazing benefits to working with and helping the NFP Sector, but…. as an industry there are challenges; restrictive budgets, different org structures [and processes], it is its own ecosystem. We are hoping that you speak this language, and are prepared to get your hands on in truly making a difference.

This role would involve you developing strategies for various NFP clients, reporting on those performance metrics, and being an advisor for all things performance. You will be working with the client, understanding the market, identifying the problem, and articulating the solution that you hope to achieve.  Recommending optimizations / digital strategies/channels / creative or landing page improvements/audience testing. Then driving the team to implement that solution and iterate, keeping the focus on the long-term results, not quick wins. 

You will form a really important role within the ntegrity team, with your deep understanding of digital advertising channels (paid social / display/search)  your grasp on tech, and your ability to connect with C-Level leaders within Australia’s key NFP organizations, demystify digital [all that guff] and drive results through digital advertising + deliver more outcomes of good.

If the talk of all of this good stuff truly does resonate with you. Please let’s chat; whether that be via voice, words in an email, or even on the socials > I’m super keen to meet you…
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