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Our gut. It’s a pretty damn important part of us, we depend on it for regularity when it comes to passing, ummmm, the time. 

Well, now that I’vé got your head in your gut, I’d like to keep you there and introduce one pretty amazing Australian-USA business, who, you guessed it, is all about healthy guts. In just 6 years, the Co-Founders have created something pretty special, having already helped 100,000s of people find their freedom through a mix of well-backed nutritional supplements, such as digestive enzymes, probiotics and more.

Driven by the foundational idea that ‘Good Gut Health Is Freedom’ they have created both a business and a movement (which in turn has helped lots of movements…), honestly, I’m here all week.  Yes, right, so all of this is focused on giving people the educational tools and products they need to support & nurture their gut easily, no matter how busy their lives are.
So, this is all good, but where do you come into this picture? Well, thanks for asking… This is a growth-focused role centred on Paid. We are looking for performance-focused digital marketers that are comfortable doing the thinking and the doing. 

When we talk about PPC, this is all about setting up and managing PPC campaigns mostly through Instagram, Facebook, Amazon & YouTube. Analyse performance and feed key insights back into the business and be confident enough to make changes as and when required. You’re the expert here and need to be able to manage up. 

And of course, as the Digital Marketing Manager, you will also work on other exciting marketing projects, such as organic search and ecommerce.
We are looking for a human who will thrive within a founder-led, start-up culture. It’s flat and it’s lean. You’ll have scope and ability to influence and will need to be self-motivated. There is a lot more we can tell you about these guys (they’re pretty cool and we like them) as well as the role but now it’s over to you. 

Make sure you apply, but not just “I’ll flick my CV through kind-of-apply” we want to know your story, the one that’s behind your CV. Give us some words, tell us who you are what you are most proud of and of course, why you think this gig might be for you.
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