Digital Growth Manager


We are delighted to be linking arms again with a hugely successful, yet humble agency based in the inner city fringe side of Brisbane to help them find the missing piece in their puzzle. 
A Digital Growth Manager.
This beaut agency has encountered some incredible growth over the past few years, and not only have they weathered the COVID storm, they’ve flourished, and they’re doing better than ever. Their success is a true testament to the way the founders run this agency, and how they partner with their clients. PLUS, having a team of smart, loyal humans around them that do incredible work that kicks their clients some massive ROI goals! 
Now, this Digital Growth Manager role is a big deal. The need and overall appetite for it has been manifested on the back end of the agency’s successes, as well as being coupled with their exciting growth plans. It’ll be one of the most senior positions within the agency, and you’d be reporting directly to the founders. They’re ready for someone with the leaderships chops, digital sensibility and commercial acumen to come into the agency and to help them in the next phase of their growth trajectory. 
Centred very much around the concept of “growth,” the person who lands this gig will be responsible for delighting their clients through helping the team create and deliver clever, impactful, and wildly successful strategies. Again, with “growth” being at the forefront here, another component of this role is hugely centred around not only expanding their digital offering with existing clients, but with new clients as well. All while aligning the team of Digital Marketers and Account Managers to this vision. 
What I’ll be looking for is someone who has been agency side for a number of years, and knows this landscape well. Ideally, you’ll be someone who’s not afraid to have “challenger” conversations and can do so with confidence and empathy. We need someone in this role who loves conjuring up BIG ideas and can articulate how their BIG ideas have created impact and success in previous roles. You’ll bring along with you a leadership style that culminates strategy, implementation, and execution together seamlessly, and the ability to gain trust quickly from the team as well as clients too.  
Here’s a taster of what you’ll be owning in this role:

  • Foster the growth and enhance the profitability of the Digital Marketing team;
  • Provide the Digital Marketing team with the tools and confidence to deliver meaningful, impactful, and highly converting digital marketing strategies to their portfolio of clients;
  • Coach the team around the way in which they analyse and extract digital marketing data to create strategies with measurable goals and benchmarks for their clients; 
  • Inspire the Digital Marketing team to be their best selves, giving them the confidence and ability to provide the greatest experiences to their clients possible;
  • Support the Sales team with proposals for digital marketing services across PPC, Social Media, SEO, CRO, UX/UI, email marketing & influencer marketing; 
  • Ensure that team members maintain high levels of client retention and satisfaction
  • Collaborate with other teams within the agency with the view to further enhancing clients success and retention;
  • Iterate and constantly review strategies that have been presented to clients, ensuring that outcomes are being met, and  goals are being kicked; And
  • Facilitate team workloads and scheduling in collaboration with other agency Managers and Project Managers.

This role is really going to suit you if you’ve got solid and successful people management experience, daring ideas, a fascination for analytics and data, a creative mind, and being simply jazzed by the idea of bringing a team on a journey of growth and success. 
Sound like you?
Fabulous, then let’s get the ball rolling. Say hi via the details below, OR, bypass the hi and just apply. #easy
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