Delivery Manager l Work with Cross-Functional Startup Teams


Here’s one for all you PRODUCT junkies out there! If you’ve ever dreamt of working with a team of strategic-thinkers who literally bring ideas to life, then here’s your chance to not only join them, but take ownership of their future Delivery Management process!
Alright, let’s talk about who they are, what they do, and the problems they’re trying to solve.
So these guys are probably a little unknown in the market, but in a very cool way! They’ve got a new & nifty little innovation hub, and it’s got solid financial backing of a global business that’s been doing cool stuff for around ten or more years now. They’re using ‘everyday technology’ like mobile devices and they’re developing software that enables their clients to provide THEIR customers with superior control interface solutions in contrast to those available in the marketplace today. At their core, they’re a Product led business with BIG picture thinkers and some pretty clever innovators who have the absolute intention to set new trends within the automation industry. 
Pretty rad, huh? 
The team collectively get their kicks from challenging the status quo and thinking BIG, so they’re pretty pumped to welcome someone who’s keen to step ‘outside of the box’ with them. All of their crew are pretty psyched about the notion of bringing some pretty cool ideas to life and partnering with leading organizations around the world to help them kick their goals through product innovation! 
Alright, let’s talk about you now. 
You’re a unique character who has ideally experienced startup life and will vibe with the ‘chaos’.
You will be the kind of Delivery Manager who jumps out of bed in the morning to deliver brilliant completed quality products that people love.
You’ll feel right at home working with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy and getting people excited about the platform will be in your blood!
In a nutshell, you’ll be accountable for getting brilliant products out the door and will help establish a Delivery Management process that promotes quality and micro-innovations in the most Agile way possible!
To kick some goals in this role, we reckon you’ll need: 

  • Previous experience working in startup land (ideal) with an understanding of how to implement and bring systems that will work in a startup team
  • Jira workflow house, triage, backlogs, analysis and reports
  • You’ll have the ability to adapt easily as product can pivot quickly – especially towards customer needs in early stages!
  • An appetite for owning the majority of projects across Sales/Marketing, SaaS and Applications across 3 major projects.
  • The ability to work across teams in multiple time zones (some flexibility required)

Here are some key milestones you’ll be expected to achieve along the way…

  • Develop a clear understanding of the Product Innovations to deliver to the market.
  • Help organise the product development teams to be successful in delivering the product to market.
  • Learn, own and begin to adapt the Delivery Management System which incorporates contemporary, best-of-breed Product Management Practices.
  • Successfully deliver the first milestones of the platform and product to the market.

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