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So, if I think about what is most important here, well, everywhere actually – in recent years people have always talked about purpose. It was a word thrown around more than “digital” and “data-led” at one point. And those were used A LOT. 

But, purpose is subjective.  

If I think about what REALLY seems to matter to a lot of people and what we have splashed in front of us is health (in general), the state of our healthcare system and those that work within it as well as patient care and outcomes. 

It’s not as if these things haven’t mattered before, but with the collective strain this entire planet is under we can’t not think, talk or care about it. It’s a daily conversation. 

Cyban is focused on creating accurate and non-invasive continuous tissue oxygen monitor technology. So this aims to reduce possible life-changing brain injuries by early detection and therefore intervention for better patient outcomes. 

So, yup. Health. Purpose. Both of these things. 

What about the culture? 

This is really early stage. Cyban is now in a position to start expanding and bringing things in-house. You have a close-knit team of highly intelligent people, but humble. There are no brilliant jerks or egos to be found here. Nor does anyone believe they have all the answers – far from it. 

If you’re reading this and it resonates, it’s simply like-minded people that care about the purpose and the problem they’re trying to solve here.

Tell me more about the gig! 

This role sits right in the middle of the research team and product. How do we turn research into commercial products to help the business scale to better support more patients around the world?

This gig reports into the Head of Product, but you’ll be working with the Founder (possibly the smartest guy on the planet) daily. A key example of some of the work you might be doing could be producing an algorithm that provides brain oxygen levels in real-time. OK, awesome. 

What’s also interesting about this gig is that you need to understand the business objectives and from there, convert them into different strategies to help drive those outcomes. In a lot of data science briefs, we talk about modeling, Python, R, ML and get into the granular detail.
That stuff is important and relevant but also hear you get to understand and influence the product goals and run with them. 

There is a lot more to talk about what the role is today and what it can be in the short > medium-term future (and beyond), but that feels best done over a conversation.  

Whom do I need to be? 

Good question. An understanding of biomedical signal processing would be a great start. 

Research and academic experience are great, but for this role, you also need commercial experience. 

You’ll be working closely with the Founder. Highly intelligent and has poured many years into this. You’ll need to carve your own path, be able to manage ambiguity and fluidity as well as be able to manage stakeholders in both research and product. 

You’ll need to be able to make decisions such as tools, systems, methodologies, people – both the internal structure and external partners.  

Role is a hybrid-model, office is in East Melbourne.

Everything that you do ties back to patient problems, outcomes, and commercial objectives. You cannot be going down rabbit holes – you need to appreciate business needs, as well as patients and apply your craft. 

If this sounds interesting (I think it is) and that it makes sense and resonates… apply and say hi!

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