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We’ve started a new year after the world was on fire, and it’s a bloody good time to be alive! I’m not kidding. This isn’t forced optimism. 2021 is here and it’s great.
Stuff is happening! We’re not locked up wanting to kill one another – that’s old hat. AND the market is back, so a lot to be thankful for, I think.
So, what specifically has me so excited? 99designs. A real success story in the world of home-grown tech start-ups. If you aren’t aware of what has been going on, I encourage you to have a look. Google it (while you still can), it won’t take long.
Now that you’re up to speed – they’re growing and they’re hiring. A lot. This is good. But what is this gig and what do they stand for? I shall tell you, but not in dot point form. We’re better than that.
Yes, building dashboards and familiar with SQL and other tools is expected. But the key thing for me, in this gig, is an analyst that can solve all manner of problems, across the business. Your main stakeholders will be in Marketing, Product, Finance, Engineering – but not limited to that group. From specific requests to broad high-level questions.
You need to be able to step into this environment, be self-sufficient (but work well in a team) and continue to support the business in using insights to make key decisions.
Who do you need to be?
Someone who is flexible, ok with ambiguity and pace. Experienced with digital/web data in Product and Dev driven environments. A broad problem solver that is comfortable with exploratory analysis. Not everything will be handed to you with specific directions or parameters. There are plenty of problems to solve where there are no easy answers. You need to be able to navigate that.
What are these guys like?
A great business, an interesting two-sided marketplace that has a lot of success to boast and on the path to significant growth at home and abroad, but above all, good humans. You will not find egos, micro-management or a sense of hierarchy here. It is a highly collaborative culture and a very inclusive one, too. They care about the work that they do and the problems they’re trying to solve. Oh, they have a lot of smart heads, as well.
I can tell you a lot more about the gig, the culture, the environment and how I plan to go on my world tour, but that, my friends, it probably best over a conversation.
If the things that I have typed appeal, resonate or make you as excited as I am – apply, say hi.
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