If I were to ask you to define the role of a CTO, would you immediately think: making sure that the organisation’s technology fully serves its business strategy?

However, what if you’re looking for more than that? What if you wanted a CTO role with an exciting start-up that is now “growing up” and entering the next phase allowing you the opportunity to not only drive the technology roadmap, but also work closely with the CEO and Head of Business on the vision and help guide the business and its people through this scale-up journey? All the while working on a product that at its core directly helps people? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place then. That’s exactly how we’re defining this CTO role. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our friends at My Occ Health Record

Overview of the company and the product

MOHR is a B2B healthtech startup, taking on the big issues of digitally capturing, automating, managing, analysing, and securely storing  employee health data. The big idea behind this is not just to create efficiencies, but to use that data for good: they are in the business of being proactive > reactive to help others make better decisions about employee health and safety. They have spun out of an occupational health & employee wellness business (Bodycare Workforce Solutions) that has been around for 20 years. 

The occupational health data management space is currently fragmented, manual, error-prone, and inefficient: it’s broken in a way that presents a perfect scenario for a technology fix. MOHR created a revolutionary software platform that streamlines the management, analysis and storage of occupational health information. MOHR aims to provide clients with one central source of truth for employee health data, while providing improved oversight for managers, in-depth reporting & analytics, detailed progress tracking and simplified compliance.

Sound good so far? Great, because their relationship with an already successful workplace healthcare services business means that they have the stability of an established entity, and the startup entrepreneurial mindset to be bold and innovative.

The role

Essential to MOHR’s growth plans is the appointment of a CTO who is equally passionate about people leadership as they are about how technology is decided, implemented and used. You’ll thrive on working with scalable technology as well as building an engineering culture that celebrates innovation and building a great product. 

This CTO will be the technology go-to expert and play an integral role in setting MOHR’s strategic direction, development and future growth. In this position, you will oversee the overall technology development and technology utilization plan and manage all information technology resources of the business.

With a Development Manager reporting to you, you’ll be overseeing a team of engineers (both locally and offshore), BA’s and designers, that are building software that’s currently iterating on the already established Product-Market Fit. The emphasis will be to develop the team, build out their capabilities to match the roadmap, and make strategic technology decisions in line with future ambitions. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity
  • Work closely with Marketing, Business Development and Operations to define and deliver new products and enhancements
  • Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals
  • Developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources
  • Communicate technology strategy to executive level 
  • Ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely
  • Evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure
  • Discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage
  • Build quality assurance and data protection processes
  • Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance
  • Use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology

Hello…is it you we’re looking for? 

Being a CTO at a start-up company can be many things, dull is certainly not one of them! But of course, you will already know that, because you’re someone that has walked this journey before and knows the challenges of what it means to take a business from start-up to scale-up. 

You know your way around the tech, absolutely, but this role is much more than that. You understand what it takes to scale not just through technology, but also the product vision and the people. These are all as equally important as each other. 

What you will bring to the role 

  • Proven experience as a technical leader eg: CTO, Head of engineering, VP of engineering etc
  • Dedication to building teams and technical environments to scale
  • You think strategically, and execute tactically. You have the ability to work at a strategic level with senior leaders, looking at the business goals and translating them into projects, with advice on specific technology that the team will need to deploy to get there. 
  • You have up-to-date knowledge of the technology landscape and trends, modern architecture principles and software delivery frameworks.
  • You are capable of handling ambiguous business requirements with excellent prioritisation, time management and focus on execution.
  • As a leader, you are someone who nurtures and mentors, whilst also teaching and empowering through greater accountability. 
  • You know how to create better efficiencies through the implementation of greater process and best practice
  • Prior experience leading teams in a .NET environment would be advantageous, but not essential 

What else?

My Occ Health Record is born from a business that cares for people, so naturally they are looking for a technology leader who is reflective of their values and is supportive, collaborative, wants to be part of an environment that feels like family, is people centric and caring.

While this is a unique “start-up” environment, with a sister company providing stability and a customer base that most start-ups could only dream of, this is still a start-up. We need someone that will come in with an attitude of doing what needs to be done, and not someone that expects the hierarchy, discipline, and resources of an established corporation. It’s an all-in kind of role, but that’s what makes it amazing. 

Next Steps

Hi. We’re from affix. We work with inspiring tech companies to help them scale with the addition of great humans.We are super pumped to be partnering with MOHR to help them secure their next generation CTO. There is a lot more I can tell you about them and the role, so why not reach out and let’s chat, and let’s see if this is your happy (work) place. 

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