I will be honest, writing ad copy for Copywriter roles, really does scare me; so please don’t judge me – as I attempt to engage my audience [Investors…possibly you?] and get across all of the important stuff about the role… OK so here goes…

Our new friends are disruptors of the most genuine kind. They [DIY] have created an alternative to the tedious process in home-fixupping.. [I made that word up]

Going to the store, trying to visualize which blind/curtain suits your space, measuring and re-measuring, taking home sample fabrics…[yes it is a process, it’s HARD and there is no Agile, waterfall to deciding what color looks best while little Harry is asking for a Sausage, and Neave is sulking in the car, all the while my partner is buying another indoor plant.. ok I’ll stop now …]

The DIY Team has created a new platform that has moved ye olden brick and mortar to an online D2C. This quite amazing platform [you must have a look for yourself..] lets the customer have fun, be creative at home, measure, order, and install it all by themselves! Think easily, accessible flatpacks in blinds!!

Think all things design and interior are where it’s at nowadays, amirite? Think of all the D2C products you have seen online – mattresses, eyewear, linen. You name it! Now let me introduce you to DIY Blinds.  
Now I’m hoping you are thinking, ‘how can we market that?. I’m glad you are because this is where you can come in. The DIY team has established a solid brand voice, effective social media presence, interactive and engaging content on all channels; they are now looking to amplify this and shut out [like what I did there] the noise and build a community based on providing real value to a market that deserves it.. right?
Are you a copywriter that is ready to leap, jump or even skip up into the next level?
If you are someone who has been writing up a storm across multiple channels, attentive to detail, and are proud of the work you have done in shaping an e-commerce brand presence – then let’s talk!  Sound like you? Intrigued? Curious? Interested? If so, apply and then say hi! Emails and LinkedIn messages are ok, but a direct application is MUCH better.

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