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Product leadership. Most of the time, in Founder lead start-ups, I find that this is one of the last things a business thinks about. I mean, beyond talking and writing stuff down – actually doing something about it and getting the right person in.
Why? It is something the Founder usually hacks and fumbles their way through it. I’m not saying it’s bad – I understand why and the thinking behind it. Get a CTO, get a squad of Devs and future me will worry about other things as I juggle the rest.
But, not in this case.
This, my friends, is another key role at Providoor. Like some of the other ads I’ve strung together, I am going to assume that if you’re in Melbourne, you know enough about these guys and how much they’ve changed the food industry and food technology in a really short space of time.
But what about the culture and all of those things?
I’m just going to say the same thing. A tight-knit group of good humans. There is energy, optimism – as well there should be. What they’ve done is nothing short of impressive. But you have intelligent, capable but humble, good humans.
What is the gig?
Chief Product Officer, of course! But seriously, at such an early stage you’ll be the key decision-maker on technology and platforms to use and/or integrate with. How to ensure the best CX, minimize friction, identify priorities and how to continue to build and evolve the platform to support scaling in numbers and geography.
What does the future look like? How do we drive better performance and experience? What does innovation mean to us?
Who do you need to be?
A product leader but can still roll your sleeves up. Yes, you’ll be spending plenty of time thinking big picture, long term, and higher-level business objectives. But you also need to be ok with being a Product Manager and/or a PO when needed.
Experience in a fast-paced, early-stage technology business (pre or post-revenue). This business is scaling quickly, so experience in that environment counts for a lot. Marketplace, eCommerce, web/app-based backgrounds is important. Food tech/delivery would be super but not essential. Being ok with a VERY small team, get things moving, driving change and outcomes. Help is coming and you’ll need to build and lead across product, delivery, design and technology.
If this sounds intriguing, interesting and you want to find out more? Well, why don’t you just apply and say hi?
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