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I have a question… Why Chief? Chief Marketing Officer. I feel like it should come with a cape. Lando Calrissian-esque. But I suppose it could be worse. Could be VP, SVP, EVP, SVEVVVPPP and all the variations of VP and… I’m not about all that.
But it makes me think of two things. One, the village chief in Asterix & Obelix. That guy knew how to get good resources and people around him. He had a god damn Druid. But he didn’t really do much. In fact, he was a bit simple, a bit dense.
Two, the old school CMO or what we think a CMO used to be or (sometimes) currently is. Manages up really well, makes the odd appearance and says some stuff – REALLY high-level stuff, then vanishes like the great Houdini going back to doing whatever it is they do.
This role is neither of those things.
Hi, my name is Brett and my ads are basically me having a conversation in my head and then I type stuff. The stuff that I talk to myself about.  
Let’s park all of the above for a minute and let’s talk about where this cape-wearing marketing leader is. Providoor. If you are in Melbourne and a marketing leader I’m going to safely assume you know about this platform that is (I think) reshaping the Food Tech space and also how restaurants engage with their customers.
The culture? Great. It’s as you would expect a new, lean, innovative start-up to be. There is no use of the terms or words like “change-agent” or “hustle” (honestly if I hear about “side hustle” or anything to do with hustle again I’m going to snap). They’re good humans, smart humans that get on with it and do it well. Spirits are high. As they should be.  But there is one person there who doesn’t believe in walking to anything or anywhere. No matter the distance. It’s weird. They could be a problem, but I’ve got my eye on them.
The gig, let’s talk about the things this person needs to do…
The key to this business is growth and this is where it is coming from. You’ll need to priotise budgets and resources. Build and lead high-performing teams. Be the driver in identifying opportunities and what to prioritise. Really knowing the customer, problems, and solving them. A key stakeholder in CX, driving frequency and maximizing CLTV. GTM in other regions, locally, and also abroad.
There’s a lot more to say, but I think fleshing it out in a conversation is the best way to go.
Who do you need to be?
Some of the tools still need to be sharp. This isn’t just managing, creating strategy and vanishing off into the night. Experience in working in a Founder-led tech organisation is important. Pre-revenue or post-revenue. Experience in driving GTM in other regions (US or UK ideally) is a huge plus. The kind of markets or businesses? Web/app, eCommerce, food delivery, marketplace are highly attractive.
And a lover of fine capes.
If this sounds pretty swish and you’re interested to know more and if you can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, apply and say hi!

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