AV Engineering Lead


Let’s set the scene. This product company backed by an international goliath have just finished R&D into their most exciting project yet – digitalising the service delivered to students by both local and international universities. Reporting to the Head of Engineering (ex-Tech Lead from Canva and Google), you will be surrounded by not only the most brilliant minds in Brisbane, but have the support and backing to move your career into a level that is extremely rare to find.
Alright, let’s talk about who they are, what they do, and the problems they’re trying to solve.
So these guys are probably a little unknown in the market, but in a very cool way! They’ve got a new & nifty little innovation hub, and it’s got solid financial backing of a global business that’s been doing cool stuff for around ten or more years now. They’re using ‘everyday technology’ like mobile devices and they’re developing software that enables their clients to provide THEIR customers with superior control interface solutions in contrast to those available in the marketplace today. At their core, they’re a Product led business with BIG picture thinkers and some pretty clever
innovators who have the absolute intention to set new trends within the automation industry. 
Pretty rad, huh? 
Alright, let’s talk about you now 
You’re a unique character who has ideally experienced startup life and will vibe with the ‘chaos’
You are the conduit and facilitator of marrying hardware and software, working ideally in the Audio and Visual space. You’ll have a deep understanding of the challenges that come from building programs that connect from microphones and cameras from input to output via Ethernet to Windows however more ideally cross platform. 

If writing DLLs to process video and audio is your jam, we NEED to chat.
To knock this out of the park, we reckon you’ll need:

  • Experience with capturing/sending Audio/Video from devices, or working with network Audio/Video streams. E.g Webcams or Virtual Cameras, NDI, Dante etc
  • 3yrs+ At least one system language (C, C++, C#, Java, etc)
  • Experience building a large project from start to finish; design, implementation, release
  • At least one extra area of speciality (documentation, testing, continuous deploy, developer tools, observability, etc)
  • Experience building and delivering a native Windows application

Nice to haves

  • Experience with video processing. E.g. GStreamer, org, OpenCV
  • Native Windows capture device experience (building virtual cameras, working with directshow filters, etc)
  • Experience leading a team/project
  • Experience creating and working with Windows services
  • Experience building enterprise software (ISO compliance, security and auditability, etc)
  • Experience with websockets, or MQTT
  • Experience with microservices, REST APIs, and web technologies


  • Experience building and delivering a cross-platform application
  • Experience delivering an electron app
  • Experience with any language-crossing technology (N-API for Node, CTypes from Python, NDI from Java, etc)

The exciting things to expect from this role

  • Lead and architect the build of a native cross-platform application for video processing that connects to microservices for a cloud service IoT platform
  • Grow a team underneath you
  • Work directly with a Senior ex-Googler (She is such a rad human – trust me this is probably the biggest selling point of them all!)
  • Successfully architect a first of its kind product into market that will be used globally!

Sound like your jam? Get the ball rolling now!
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