We have a thing or two we want you to know about us here at affix;

First up, we really do give a damn about not only our Clients but our Candidates too.
We get it – changing jobs can (in many cases) involve huge life decisions, heck, maybe even a relocation?
Deciding to put yourself out there into the *sometimes* scary job market, can be a big step, which is why we love what we do; we remove that fear (seriously, give us 30mins of your time and we can damn sure promise you’ll be left feeling confident with all guns blazing!).

Secondly, we back our work. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk (and we do it with pizzazz…if we do say so ourselves!) Let’s be real…who really wins with this typical ‘bum on seat’ recruiter mentality we’ve all come to discover is far too familiar in our industry. Really though – who wins? We can tell you – no one. The Client loses time (and money), in investing in someone who was never the right fit, the Candidate loses, as again – that’s another miss on their CV, not to mention the wasted energy in turning up to a job you bought in to based on a lie. This is where we come in. We take our damn time. Like – really take our time. But not in the annoying lazy kinda way. More like that genuinely invested – let’s get to really know each other way. What makes you tick? What gets you out of bed in the morning? And to our clients – what do you want to see when you envision the team you’re building? Is it the fastest way? Nope. But neither is rushing to fill a seat, that’ll wind up empty in under 12 months anyway. C’mon we all know the saying…slow and steady wins the race.

This brings us to a new series we’re rolling out…introducing our ‘happy (work) place’ project. This is where we reconnect with our candidates to make sure we really did hit the mark. Are they happy? What is it they’re loving about their new gigs? How did we do? (and no…don’t sugar coat it – we want the real deal…if we told you, you get free cookies and there aren’t any cookies, you better damn well tell us).

So first up, we have the fabulously talented and impressive Vicki Sterling, who has recently found her happy (work) place, having taken up residence as the General Manager at Goodwork. Check out the vid below to see how she’s finding her new role…and be sure to keep an eye out as we continue to roll these out!


Sit back and enjoy…