If we had to choose one way we’d love our Candidates to describe us, Nick has hit the nail on the head: ‘Personalised and Collaborative’.

Ok, so we don’t like to place favourites…not even when it comes to our levels of service. But, we can most definitely say, these are two things we always strive for. Our candidates themselves are individuals, each on their own Career paths, whether that be advancing an existing one, or completely shifting to a new field – we get it and we’re here for it. We see past the CV and get to know the living breathing version of you (because let’s be honest…it’s a damn-load more interesting than the Black & White version of you!). CV’s are an odd concept…but that’s another discussion for another day!

Collaboration to us is key. We’re like your career-wing(wo)man. We have your back, and would never ‘sell’ you into a role we didn’t truly believe could be your next big thing. Our lines of communication are WIDE open, whether it’s in prepping you for your interview, or having a chat to calm nerves – we live for this!

In comes Nick. Nick has recently landed the Development Manager gig at Entegy in sunny Queensland, and so far it’s been hit after hit.

Check out what he had to say below!