The story/background

Josh has recently landed a newly created gig as the Product Lead, with tech startup Goodwork.

“Before working with affix, any attempt at taking on a new role essentially came down to the connections I had within my network. My previous experience working with recruiters, unfortunately, hadn’t been a great one.  I often found it difficult knowing whether the opportunity being described was genuine, and not some ploy to hit internal KPI’s for a demanding client that didn’t exist. It’s been mentally taxing and not to mention stressful”.

How would you describe your experience working with affix?

“Ironically there wasn’t a specific role on the table when the relationship first developed. Regardless of this, I was surprised the team still took the time to genuinely understand what it was I was looking for career-wise and where I wanted this to lead in the future. That initial meeting went for well over an hour and from there we naturally kept in touch.
Once there was a role officially on the table, the process was incredibly smooth. Interviews were organised quickly and efficiently and communication was open and transparent right from the very beginning. affix definitely made the entire process a whole lot less stressful than what would have been expected with such a big move. I was given a clear understanding of the role and what it involved, which made the decision making process an easy one. Overall, it has been a really positive experience for me- my expectations of the industry were incredibly low before coming across affix- more businesses should be adopting that same model of honesty and transparency with their candidates!”.

Where are we at now?

Approaching 6 months in his new role, Josh has well and truly hit the ground running, having already featured in the Courier Mail to discuss the future of work, and what this means for those working in the Tech space. We’re thrilled we could help Josh land his dream gig in the startup world and can’t want to watch him grow within the Goodwork team!

“In all honesty, I went into that first meeting expecting nothing from it. That was never a reflection of affix, just the tarnished view of the industry. Post that first catch up I was pleasantly surprised with how often the guys would keep in touch. Even now, post my placement here at Goodwork, they still check in- it’s been great! There has been that constant touch-point with regular catch-ups, which have become more social than anything else. That initial relationship has remained, which has created a good back and forth, we’re now starting to blur the lines from an initial Candidate relationship, into a Client one”.