The story/background

Jane has recently ticked over her very first month with the team at TruePillars, having taken on their Marketing Lead position towards the tail-end of April.

“At the time this opportunity came up, I wasn’t at all in the market, in fact, the team had come across my profile and after doing their research, presented me with a potential gig which peaked my interest. In the past, I’ve actively steered clear of working with recruiters. I find you start to be pigeon-holed around who you are, what you do and have never found the process to be approached in a fluid way. You’re very much typecast and seen as bringing only one skill to the equation, which hasn’t always yielded the best results. With that experience resting firmly in my mind, I’ve preferenced a direct approach, or alternatively leveraging my own network. “

How would you describe your experience working with affix?

“Given I hadn’t approached the team, I wasn’t expecting much when I saw the message arrive in my inbox. I was however mistaken. The guys had taken some real time to work through my experience, and where they thought the natural progression lay for me in my career. The role itself was explained in detail, which was followed up with a further chat over coffee. The process from start to finish moved very rapidly- in fact, it was the fastest process I’ve ever experienced, which gave great insight as to how the team tends to work.

I felt like my time as well as the clients, was respected and taken into account, which can, unfortunately, be rare when in the job market. I had direct communication with the relevant team members, having never been palmed off to another person. There was a real vested interest in me as a person, not just a candidate”.

Where are we at now?

With only four short weeks in the new role under her belt, Jane continues to take things in her stride and learn all there is to know in her new gig in the startup world.

“There was no real reservations from my end as to whether or not to acknowledge that initial reach out from affix. It was clear from the outset that research had been done which qualified the approach. The role itself is exactly as it was described. Being a startup it has been an open book, I was given an idea of where the business is currently and where it’s heading going forward, giving me the opportunity to shape the role as time goes on.

Seeing how genuinely happy the guys were when I was offered the role was so refreshing. It was obvious I wasn’t being treated as a commodity. I never felt like a number, they really got to know me which never felt like a ‘tick of a box’ in their process. Communication along the way was always kept open and honest, constantly asking how I felt, not just relaying the client’s feedback. The personability was definitely a highlight, and has continued now post joining the TruePillars team”.