Partnering to Manage Parkinson’s with Tech and Data

At a glance

Who: Global Kinetics; Melbourne, VIC
What: Engineering Manager; Lead, Senior and Mid-Level Devs, BAs, Cloud Support Engineer + more
Why: New application for customers needed development on a tight timeline

Meet Global Kinetics

Global Kinetics is a global health tech business and creators of the PKG, a wearable neurological disease management device. The PKG allows neurologists to better manage Parkinson’s disease by measuring their patients’ tremors and collecting data, therefore giving patients the opportunity to have a well-tailored health plan and a better quality of life.

The Challenge

Seeing as data is critical to a patient’s wellbeing, Global Kinetics began to develop a new application for their customers to access more analytics and to automate the device order and delivery process (software development, hardware build, supply-chain, etc).

But the timeline to deliver the product was tight, resources were low and Global Kinetics knew it was time to hire a Project Team to properly execute the vision.

The Solution

Within 3 weeks of receiving the initial brief, the Global Kinetics Project Team was born. The team included multiple developers, BA’s, Testers, a UX Designer and a Cloud Support Engineer.

Next, it was time to hire Global Kinetic’s first Engineering Manager to scale the rest of the Core Technology Team. There was uncertainty in the business around skillsets required of the Engineering Manager and the expectations of the role so we knew the best way to understand the the needs of the team was to hold one of our custom workshops.

Alongside the VP of Product Development, we developed an MVP, role descriptions for all roles and interviewing/onboarding processes. We then worked closely on the workforce plan against what Global Kinetics needed to deliver in the following 12 months.

Future Roadmap

To stay on top of demand and deliver on Global Kinetic’s mission, we identified the need for further resources on the Core Tech Team which looked like a series of senior hires – Lead Developer, Senior and Mid-Level Developers – and a Data Scientist outside of the tech team.

Our go-to-market plan drove the next steps in our partnership with Global Kinetics and allowed us to grow the business significantly in a short period of time.