Streamlining Media Sales with New CTO

At a glance

Who: CitrusAd; Brisbane, QLD
What: Chief Technology Officer, Senior Software Engineer
Why: Technical leadership needed for a technical team

Meet CitrusAd

Think scalable, auction-based advertising software built for retailers to monetise and streamline media sales and ad serving for their e-commerce.

In just 12 months of its launch, CitrusAd’s auction-based ad software was adopted by more than 36 global retailers in 22 countries reaching more than 300 million customers. They’re successful because their customers are at the heart of everything they do – they seriously are.

They bring the retailer on the journey and give them the ability to view/contribute to the tech roadmap, which is ultimately what sets them apart.

The Challenge

After 3+ years of global success, CitrusAd’s CEO, Brad Moran, knew the scale at which they were growing needed strong technical leadership. After building a solid technical team, including the addition of a Senior Software Engineer via affix, CitrusAd was ready for a CTO.

The real challenge laid in the business’s need for technical leadership beyond just technical capabilities and experience. The ideal CTO needed to be someone who had serious business acumen, had experience going through periods of high growth and could strategically scale CitrusAd alongside the rest of the leadership team. 

The team is full of sharp, high-performing people and finding the right addition wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

The Solution

After chatting with our friends at CitrusAd, we got to work. Thanks to the long-term relationship we’ve built with the team, we fully understood the qualities that the right person for the role needed to have. After connecting with more than a handful of really strong candidates in and around Brisbane, we presented a shortlist.

The power of our network enabled us to connect with impressive people in the market who weren’t ‘open to opportunities’.

Enter: Adam Skinner. A powerhouse in the Brisbane tech space with high-growth leadership experience under his belt.

Soon after Adam joined CitrusAd as their CTO, he sat down with us and gave us some insights into his experience with his new team and our team at affix.

Check out what he had to say: