The Story/background

affix has played a pivotal role in the growth of Yellow, having placed 8 key staff, spanning various areas in the business, from a Technical Lead, Growth Hacker to Product Managers and a fair few more.
Having been brought on board in the early stages of the Yellow journey, it’s been a strong relationship from the get-go.

I really struggle to see how we could have got to this point today, without them. Yes, we do have our own network, but there is this silent market out there we would never have been able to tap in to.

 affix could peer behind the curtain essentially, in a way we couldn’t. Having the guys in early, meant the demands to grow the business quickly, were eased. Trying to manage this process on my own wouldn’t have been possible- I couldn’t have scaled my time to get the team to where it is now, with the calibre of people we have.

We were needing to build a good core team, which affix responded (and continues to respond) well to, they understand what we’re looking for, both from a talent perspective, but also culturally”.

How would you describe your experience working with affix?

“There is a real sense of genuineness about the team- they had an understanding of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Essentially, I trust them, there is a personal connection- we’ve just gelled.

 They’ve then proved themselves further by repeatedly presenting quality candidates, meeting deadlines and always being available when needed. Overall, our stories aligned- they are a real point of differentiation in an industry that is flooded with ‘same-same’- they really have been a breath of fresh air.

The team are genuinely interested in building our business. We always feel comfortable communicating well in advance, even when it means a specific role doesn’t yet exist. We’d receive open feedback on our ideas, which helped shape a lot of our decisions on how to take certain jobs to market (and whether those jobs even exist!).

affix is more willing to really invest in the long-term relationship and overall partnership. Other recruiters say that but it’s done through gimmicks- i.e. shouting dinner, tickets to football games, events, then post that moment, you don’t hear from them for months! These guys stand by their work like no other recruiter in the industry. They’re genuinely invested in getting their placements right, without that passion and care, to be blunt- they don’t get paid. What better incentive to make sure you get the job done right?

This particular model has been helpful for us to also smooth the impact on our cash flow while growing the business. Even though we have good backing, it would have been difficult for us to take the hit on a single recruitment fee time and time again.”

Where are we at now?

“The team check in regularly regardless of there being a role on- there is a great connection irrespective of the pipeline. We can do business together- but it doesn’t feel like a sales job, the relationship is natural. I have a real sense of security with the team that over time, and as our business grows, affix won’t burn us by taking those quality candidates and moving them, simply to make another placement”.