And just like that? Our humble biz is FIVE YEARS OLD.

Tbh, it’s a little weird celebrating this milestone. In an ideal world, our team would be spending a couple of days together enjoying each other’s company, hugging the crap out of each other and having one too many glasses of wine!

And although this year is a bit unusual (cheers, ‘rona), it doesn’t stop us from expressing our gratitude for our incredible team, partners and overall affix community (that’s you!).

For us at affix, the companies we partner with are a constant source of inspiration. We quite literally wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. And because we really love being here, we really, really love them.

As a startup ourselves, we get the importance of partnering with values-driven companies who genuinely care about (and respect) us as much as we do them. We don’t take loyalty for granted, which is why we’re so grateful to be part of their journey and for them to be part of ours.

From startups to enterprise, we help grow companies that like to redefine innovation in digital and tech. So naturally, we like talking about the cool stuff they do too.

Today we’re sharing 5 startups who’ve been growing beside us, what they do and why we love them. Check ‘em out!

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1 – Curio

Curio is a Melbourne-based consultancy made up of scientists, consultants, educators, developers, marketers and designers that are looking to improve the world through education.

They advise on education strategies and policies, develop platforms to make education more efficient and deliver learning experiences – all based in neuroscience! Curio has been a finalist in the AFR’s Top 100 Fast Starters 2018 & 2017 list for their works in education. 

Curio recently wrote this handy blog post about how unis around the world are responding to COVID. It highlights Curio’s belief that education is fundamentally about interactions between people and design should at the centre of those interactions. We love Curio’s approach to keeping tech uncomplicated, inclusive and accessible to all. As it should be.

We’re stoked to have recently helped the smart folk at Curio find their Development Lead who now happens to be their COO and Tech Lead. Nice one, Anthony Ray!

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Curio – you’re certainly one to watch.

2 – Bared Footwear

Founded by Anna Baird, a podiatrist turned shoe designer, Bared Footwear launched in 2008 and currently employs 30+ full-time staff. When it comes to her team, Anna’s philosophy is to employ only the best kind of people to look after the Bared customer.

Because Bared Footwear’s online business is a huge part of their company, this is where their future growth is focused on (and where we might come in). Most recently, we helped the team find a new Digital Marketing Specialist and had so much fun doing it! Anna’s open-minded and down-to-earth approach to interviewing and employee experience is next level. We can absolutely say that Dana Rochwerger found her happy (work) place at Bared Footwear.

One of our favourite things about Bared? Their incredible commitment to giving back, working with indigenous artists and reducing their environmental impact. 

Did you know that Bared Footwear makes it easy for their customers to buy shoes online (especially helpful during COVID) by offering a Virtual Shoe Fitting Service? Just click a link and chat with one of their fitting specialists to find the perfect pair. Easy peasy. 

Wishing you all the best for continued growth Anna and team! 

3 – CitrusAd

Think scalable, auction-based advertising software built for retailers to monetise and streamline media sales and ad serving for their e-commerce.

In just 12 months of its launch, CitrusAd’s auction-based ad software was adopted by more than 36 global retailers in 22 countries reaching more than 300 million customers. They’re successful because their customers are at the heart of everything they do – they seriously are. They bring the retailer on the journey and give them the ability to view/contribute to the tech roadmap, which is ultimately what sets them apart. 

Check out SmartCompany’s article about how Brissy-based CitrusAd plans to dominate a $200 billion market in Silicon Valley. Oh and a cool fact you might not know – CitrusAd’s CEO, Brad Moran, began his career by playing professional AFL and started his first tech startup at just 24 years old. Pretty impressive, hey?

We were humbled to partner with the amazing team at CitrusAd to find their new CTO, Adam Skinner. Check out Adam’s affix story here.

4 – Fillr

Fillr’s vision is to help the world spend less time typing so they can spend more time doing the things they love! When a user engages Fillr’s Autofill tech on a checkout form, they are 2.2x more likely to convert using Fillr than those who choose to type. Sounds like a win-win.

We love the team at Fillr because simply put, they’re bloody good at what they do. Not only do their Autofill API’s power transactions on the world’s top ecomm apps (including ZipPay, Klarna and Bundll) but Fillr was also a FinTech Australia Finalist in 2019.

We’ve been honoured to help them build some cohesive teams across Development, Quality Assurance and Machine Learning and look forward to their continued growth.

Read more about how Fillr is powering the growth of the world’s biggest Buy Now Pay Later companies.

5 – Funding

Funding is an Aussie fintech that has managed to raise $5M in funds during COVID. Yep, you read that right… They plan to use these funds to become the market leader in short-term mortgages. How? They’ve established themselves as an awarded non-bank mortgage lender, trusted by both borrowers and investors in the short-term mortgage market. 

Funding uses the latest tech and genuinely wants to create a great user experience which is why we loved working with Funding to find their first technical lead (not to mention their prime Gold Coast location). Sunshine and simpler mortgages, what more could ya want?

Funding has also recently been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2020 Australian Mortgage Awards Fintech Lender of the Year. We’re stoked to walk alongside Funding’s journey in fulfiling their awesome mission to reinvent property finance and investing. Onwards and upwards!

As affix continues to grow, we continue to partner with some pretty great companies whose growth and success truly make the world a better place. We’re so grateful we get to team up with some of the best in the biz and have we mentioned how much we love them?

Is it nearly time to grow your team? Whether your biz is in VIC or QLD, we’d love to get to know you and chat about your needs over a (virtual) cuppa. Get in touch with our Founder at [email protected].

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