The story/background

Bugwolf is an innovative platform where software testers compete to rapidly test applications, websites and products in the same way customers use them, reporting usability, functionality, experience bugs, and more.
affix has so far helped attract key staff in their Marketing space, aiding in important growth throughout the business.

Founder and CEO, Ash Conway has 20 years of international business development experience, 11 years of that building tech companies, working with startups through to acquisitions and generating sales as high as $150 million.

Why did you choose affix as your recruitment partner?

“I really loved the understanding affix had for our market, how they were solving issues, it felt innovative. It’s pretty clear affix has taken a different approach to hiring and facilitating that process. From there, confidence and trust built naturally.

affix really are bringing something innovative to the table, rather than accepting the norm. We’re always looking for partners who are trying to break that mould and by backing their work so heavily, to the point where they won’t be paid unless they get that fit right, it really was a no-brainer for us.”

Do you think our unique approach is a genuine alternative for Startups?

“Definitely. Being given the option to pay recruitment fees over a 12 monthly period frees up necessary cash flow to focus on growing the business elsewhere, with the added bonus where if it’s not the right fit, payments cease.

A lot of startups, unless funded, are less likely to work with a recruiter. We’re all well-conditioned that engaging a recruiter can be quite expensive. For us, by having that confidence that the hire would be right, and if not, our wallet remains closed, it reduced that barrier of entry. If we had to of written a cheque up front we probably wouldn’t have been able to move forward”.

How would you describe your experience working with affix?

“The overall turn-around was incredibly fast, we had made an offer within 4 weeks of the process officially kicking off, with that hire now approaching 12 months with the business.

 The level of professionalism has been great. The effort put into each candidate goes far beyond just sending a CV. Instead, the team are putting together personalised summaries which clearly shows the amount of time and effort put in.

 It’s very clear affix know and understand our culture, and how each candidate would fit in and match our criteria. We really valued reference checks happening at the start of the process, rather than towards the end as they’re traditionally done. It meant we could be confident in our judgements and avoid any awkward/tough decisions at the end when you’re already emotionally invested in the person.”

Where are we at now?

“Our relationship with affix, goes far beyond recruiting. The networking dinners are an example of that; bringing likeminded individuals together, and enabling us to further build relationships within the industry. affix’ customers are typically in very similar situations, so creating networking opportunities for us is
very valuable”.