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Ahhhh Product Design… What the hell is it!? Is it UX? Is it more UI? Is it a weird mix of both, plus a bit of research just for fun?

Well, before we get all heavy into the “titles in design” debate, I think that question really depends on the maturity of the design practice within the individual business and how much passion, energy and ownership the whole team have in design as a core discipline. So, whilst I can’t tell you what the role of a Product Designer is in every company will look like, I can absolutely tell you what impact, autonomy and influence you’re gonna’ have as a Product Designer with this awesome SaaS Tech Scale-up… 

What’s the product, vision and crew like?  

These guys have been around since 2012. In that time, they’ve grown from a team of 3-25, helped millions of people be more effective at work, formed partnerships with tech heavyweights like Microsoft, been the #1 app on the Windows store; oh and seen global success in their first product.
So, if they’re already successful, is this role just a design babysitter? – HELL NO!!!
The start-up spirit that galvanised them – has never left. So, born out of the UX research, feedback and learning from their first, they’re back with a new, ambitious SaaS product and that’s where you come in…
What Impact will you have as a Product Designer?
Your role will be to lead the design practice. Defining what great design at all levels in the business looks like across native iOS, Windows and Web. You’ll drive impact by:

  • Working collaboratively with Product Managers & Software Engineers in the discovery and execution of design opportunities through workshops, co-design practices and design sprints.
  • Conducting user research and interviews to leverage insights and uncover real user problems and opportunities to improve our products
  • Exploring user problems via flows, wireframes, designs and prototypes before putting them in front of users
  • Ensuring interfaces remain high quality, functional and cohesive across different platforms (Native iOS, Windows & Web)

What does “Design” mean to this team? – that’s an awesome question!
Design as a practice with this crew has evolved immensely in the last 12 months. They’re now at a point where the team genuinely values the core tenants of design. Their engineering team now expect a design-led investigation into new feature development. They get involved in workshops, they voice their opinions, and believe in rapid prototyping, experimentation and regular validation with users, in order to make mistakes in design – rather than in the code.
Like any practice, they’re still on a journey…But they need a champion like you to continue to drive the journey forward…  
What skills & experience you’ll bring from your past:
5+ years of experience designing digital products working across multiple platforms with experience delivering solutions across native (iOS/Android) and Web Platforms

  • Full product design skill spanning: user experience, visual design, information architecture, experience flows, wireframing and prototyping (multi-fidelity)
  • Confidence in your design practice and how design strategically impacts a business
  • An open attitude and confidence in collaborating with product managers, engineers and leadership teams
  • Experience with usability testing and user research methods
  • Solid understanding of technical requirements and a basic understanding of limitations of web platforms, native mobile (iOS/Android) apps.  

The role of a Product Designer in this team will vary, so being able to flex up and down will be necessary, but in the main, activities will be split a bit like this:

  • 20% Research
  • 40 % UX Design
  • 40% UI Design 

The Why? – What’s in it for you?

Well, this one is a real opportunity for you to own a design practice from scratch. Have your say in not only the what gets designed, but the why too. You’ll get to touch service design, product design, UX, IA and interaction design, with have full autonomy to lead, experiment and ultimately craft rich experiences for global users.

I’m not gonna’ lie. This role is crucial for the next phase of growth in the business and so whilst I’m not a fan of dot points, here’s a few to show you how we’ll help you impact your future:

  • Autonomy to lead the design practice at a globally recognised tech scale up
  • Design for cutting-edge platforms across iOS, UWP and Web
  • The opportunity to work on an innovative product with huge global potential
  • Supportive flexible work arrangements that provide you with the balance you deserve
  • Easy-going, social environment with shared values that will enable you the courage to fail fast and have fun as you embrace new challenges in a safe, inclusive environment

As ever, there’s a tonne more to tell you about this role, if you want to find out more, please give me a shout and I’ll gladly run you through all the details, answer any questions you have up front and hopefully grab a coffee.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon! – [email protected] or 0416 404 428 

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