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Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was to work in the music business. I used to watch Michael Jackson videos on VHS until the tape wore out, rock out with my air guitar to Nirvana and vibe with my Mum to Ella Fitzgerald & Frank Sinatra. If you’re still with me, you’re probably reading this thinking, good story bro’�� – but what’s the relevance here?

Well, I’ll tell ya… I’ve recently started working with an awesome B2B Music SaaS start-up to help them find a Product Designer to lead the redesign of their entire application, create a consistent design language, refine their modern UI aesthetic and experiment with design solutions as they scale internationally and continue to win massive contracts with the likes of Sony, Warner and Interscope records.

There’s a few moving parts with this one and there’s no way I can explain all the goodness in this advert. But, here’s what I thought would make sense to do up front… I’ll explain more about what you’ll be working on, who you’ll be working with, and shape out some of the jobs to be done in this gig. Then, if anything at all piques your interest – call me! Let’s have a chat and see if it’s worth exploring in more depth – sound good? Sweet, let’s go!

What’s the backstory here, Sam? I need context!

So these guys have been around for just over 2 years. They have a team of twelve spread out across the globe with HQ centered here in Melbourne. They have iteration 2 of their application in the market and it’s gaining some awesome traction, attracting clients in 5 continents including the likes of Sony, Warner, Warp and Interscope records. The application itself is a workflow & file sharing platform, aimed at improving the collaboration, consistency, and creativity of the B2B music industry. So think music supervisors and music agencies who curate soundtracks for films, adverts & radio – yeah, sweet hey!?

They’re at the point now where the current design of the app is… good. But, in today’s design centered world, good – isn’t good enough! They know that if they’re going to continue to scale and win big clients they need invest heavily in their design practice now.

So here’s where you come in as a Product / UI Designer:

Your role will be to lead the design practice and really define what great design at all levels in the business looks like. You’ll be working alongside our Product Owner Pete, driving redesign and pushing the boundaries of what our users can achieve through the platform.

This isn’t always going to be the exact formula on every project, but I’d say this role is probably:

10% Research focussed
40% UX design focused 
50% UI design focussed

In terms of the jobs to be done, you’ll be:

  • Extending and redesigning the entire app interface interactively 
  • Leading the design of our website and marketing materials
  • Assisting with UX research with our customers, including analysing different target markets, what they need in the product, and how we can deliver it to them
  • Working with the product team and developers to develop ideas from customer feedback, iterate, deploy to production and then refine based on customer feedback
  • Helping to identify future opportunities, and to design prototypes for major additions to the product

The Why? – What’s in it for you?

Well, this one is a real opportunity for you to own a design practice from scratch. Have your say in not only the what gets designed, but the why too. You’ll get to touch service design, product design, UX, IA and interaction design, with have full autonomy to lead, experiment and ultimately craft rich experiences for global users.

I’m not gonna’ lie. This role is crucial for the next phase of growth in the business and so whilst i’m not a fan of dot points, here’s a few to steer you in the right direction of what kind of person and visual style we’re looking for:

  • A modern design portfolio with experience specifically around UI (App, Mobile, Product)
  • A clean aesthetic and visual style – (think Slack, Figma, Marvelapp)
  • Someone with a natural affinity for users and championing their needs
  • Someone not afraid of wearing a few hats. We’re a startup after all.

As ever, there’s a tonne more to tell you about this role, if you want to find out more, please give me a shout and I’ll gladly run you through all the details, answer any questions you have up front and hopefully grab a coffee.

Talk soon! – [email protected] or 0416 404 428

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