Technical Lead – Hands on | Predictive Analytics & AI Technology | $140k-$160k


I heard a phrase recently that’s let its mark on me. “In every field, a champion team will always beat a team of champions!” – That statement couldn’t be more relevant for this Technical Lead opportunity!

See, I believe the most important part of any business are the people within it! Sure, choosing the right technology that can scale, having a solid commercial model and defined vision is imperative too, but without the right people – it’s going to fail! But, put the right people in place. Curate culture and challenge what’s possible, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!

I’m currently helping a super exciting predictive analytics & AI Tech start-up, build a brand team product team. They operate in a space that we’re super passionate about at affix – humans! Specifically, in the HR & recruitment space. Over the last 3.5 years, they’ve gathered data from some of the worlds leading companies on what “success” looks like at work. They’ve then designed, built and trained AI and ML models to analyse this data and provide customers with data-driven, not opinion-driven insights about the people they’re hiring! – I told you it was all about the people, didn’t I?!
So, what’s the deal here then?

They have a new direction. They have a new product. They have a new CEO. Like we’ve all experienced in life, newness and change can cause friction. But, without friction – there can be no growth. But if we get it right, the payoff is going to be incredible!

They need a Tech Lead who can help them shape a new direction, a new paradigm. You could say, they’re looking for their Episode IV (sorry I couldn’t resist) You’ll be hands-on, leading the technical direction of the products, currently full-stack JavaScript (Node, React) but we’re not just after JS Engineers, you can come from any tech background! You will work directly with the CEO, Technical & Data Science/AI teams, operating as a nimble squad building innovative solutions quickly using the latest and greatest technology practices.

In a nutshell, the role needs a special person who can think like a CTO of a small start-up, but strike the balance between commercial, product and technology market fit.
What’s the Tech?
They choose the right tools for the job at hand. Currently, it’s full-stack JS but, if you’re not across what they’re currently using, but you’re a technical legend in languages like (Ruby, Java, Scala, Go, Clojure) – it’s not a big deal – we’d still like to chat to you! Currently, the team are using the following: 

  • Node.js, Restify/Express, MongoDB, AWS (PaaS), React, Redux | Jenkins, Docker with mature CI/CD practices.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need:

  • A solid understanding of software development basics
  • Ability to articulate and promote varied Software Design Patterns
  • Ability to inspire and lead a diverse engineering team
  • Exposure to modern engineering principles like:
    • TDD & Unit testing frameworks
    • REST API Development
    • CI/CD pipeline design and implementation
    • Strong DevOps exposure
  • An understanding of Security concerns around API development
  • Cloud PaaS Deployment (AWS)

What’s in it for me? 

The opportunity to work in a leadership role that covers both the technical strategy, building a team and culture but also, the kicker, playing a key role at helping set the strategy and direction of the products.  You will look at how to bring the product team together, getting it to its fullest potential through slick new design, features, development and more. No, you’re not working on just one website, but rather a group of products that all come together nicely in the offering. 
So, why don’t you reach out and say hello? Let’s chat so we can learn more about one another to see if this fits with your longer-term career goals! [email protected] – Don’t miss out y’all…

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