Software Engineer – React, GraphQL, TypeScript, Ruby | $100- $150 + Super


So, you’ve clicked on this advert and right about now you’re probably thinking “hmm, I wonder if this is just another recruiter click-baiting me with sexy tech buzzwords, only to reveal a turd covered in glitter?!”
Well friend — there will be no glittery turds in this advert, only awesomeness, a true reflection of where what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and what’s more, a team that can back it up in reality! All you have to do is keep the ol’ eyes rolling over these here words… Ready?
The Who?
These guys are a young, dynamic and well-funded technology startup who are using their smarts to transform the digital identity space. Their mission is to enable people to verify their qualifications, credentials and licenses digitally, allowing for more consistent job search, far greater security and more honesty throughout the process.
Spearheaded by a legendary development lead who fosters a culture of open communication, pragmatism and a no fear attitude. The engineering principles and technology that underpin the platform have been hand selected to solve the unique challenges the platform and customers will face. From TypeScript with Functional React for its heavy type and consistency in read & write to heavy emphasis on encryption and AWS Cloud security – after all, they’re a digital identity biz…
*Just a little side note – yeah, these guys are a startup (that’s 100% true) but, they’re definitely NOT stapped for cash! They’re backed by one of the biggest ASX listed businesses in Australia – so you don’t have to worry there! → Distraction over – back to the goodness…
What will you be doing on the daily?
So, the truth is your day is gonna be two things. Busy and varied. Due to the fact that they’re really the only ones innovating in this space – many of the problems have never been solved before. That means, as a Software Engineer one minute you could be building out brand new API’s in Node, Ruby or GraphQL then the next, running experiments to decide what services need to be re-built to micro-services. You’ll touch security, AWS Cloud Ops, API Engineering, Application Engineering – all whilst remaining customer-centric.
The team is made up of full-stack engineers (Ruby, React, AWS) and specialists who want to own just client-side challenges and go deep in JavaScript (React, Node) – in truth we’re cool with either – we just want to hire awesome Software Engineers!
–> So, if you’re a backend Ruby Developer, who wants to also gain some TypeScript, GraphQl experience- apply now!

–> Similarly, If you’re a React & Node.js Developer and want to gain some exposure to Ruby, GraphQL & deep application security – guess what, apply now!
Here’s some of the technology on the stack we play with:

  • Ruby on Rails API
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo Client
  • React, TypeScript and Node.js
  • Docker
  • AWS Lambda
  • All infrastructure built on AWS with mature CI/CD Pipelines

What we’d like to see from you:

  • Strong application and API development experience with either Node.js or Ruby on Rails
  • A passion for building highly testable, effective and maintainable code
  • Experience building highly available, scalable, secure and performant systems
  • Customer centricity- we’re constantly interacting with our customers
  • Good knowledge of software design fundamentals/principles (e.g. SOLID)
  • The skill of learning. If you don’t know something, how do you learn, what does that look like for you as an individual?

Why should you apply, let alone join this team?
Well, I reckon the problem space, greenfields projects and technology are big draws for sure. But, on top of that, you’ll also be surrounded by some of the best engineers in Australia. These guys care deeply about what they’re building and why they’re building it. They offer really strong salaries, flexible working, profit share schemes, paid tech conferences, heaps of training and a super plush office space so you can do your best work!
If any of this resonates, drop me a message, call me or just apply with your resume and I’ll give you a call back straight away to chat in more detail. No pressure, no strange recruitment chat – just good humaning – promise!

Get at me on [email protected] 0423 344 956

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