Software Developer – React + any server-side technology (seriously) | $80k-$120k


Software Developers get paid to solve problems, not just code! Sure, sometimes this involves writing code – but it also means getting involved in complex business, strategic and customer conversations early to ensure the right outcome. Unfortunately, not a lot of businesses get onboard with this ethos and treat their developers as just code monkeys…
But don’t fear, friend!
I’ve teamed up with a crew, who not only embodies this spirit some of the time, but it’s central to their core values.
So, who the hell is this awesome crew?
Well, these guys are a high performing, mid-sized SaaS product start-up in Richmond, whose application has connected over 40,000 people in the construction industry. They’re hugely profitable, growing and best of all – they value engineering best practices, professional software cycles and continual learning.
Right now, you might be thinking… Come on Sam, enough with the mayo. But, trust me, these guys are unique in both who and how they hire – and that’s why we like them! Instead of following the pack by listing every buzzword tech skill in the stratosphere, they prefer to just hire great software developers, irrespective of their tech background. 
Their tech stack is PHP7 with have use of Symfony MVC, React, Redux and AWS – but we’re happy to receive applications from full stack developers with any modern OO server-side language. One of the lead developers is an ex-Java developer – so if you’re willing to learn and want to go deep with PHP – we’re happy to teach you!

So, what does this actually mean?

It means that, yeah – we’re looking for a full stack web developer, but more than that; we’re looking for smart, pragmatic people with a thirst for knowledge and a swiss army knife toolkit of problem-solving skills. People who can learn new things quickly, show an interest in solving complex problems with creativity and collaboration. Who can strike the right balance between technical purity and delivering value to customers, but also have a bit of fun along the way too! 
For all you dot point lovers – here’re some of the things you’ll need to be successful in the role:

  • Experience developing applications and feel pride when you code something that makes people’s lives easier (you’ll be building apps, not websites)
  • Strong experience with a modern OO Language – PHP, Ruby, Java, Python
  • Experience working with web frameworks – Symfony, Laravel, Rails, Django etc
  • Front end experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript or TypeScript
  • Entrepreneurially minded and have a thirst for knowledge and self-education.
  • Experience working with AWS, CI/CD Pipelines and proper testing practices
  • Exposure to working in an Agile environment will be familiar to you, and you’ll have experience participating in inceptions, sprint planning and retrospectives and have plenty of experience estimating chunks of work. 

**Bonus points for any candidates with strong PHP7 and Symfony skills

Sure this isn’t your average job advert. But, these guys aren’t your average start-up. So, if you’re interested to learn more about this awesome opportunity either “APPLY NOW” or shoot me a copy of your resume directly to [email protected]

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