#SmartAndSassy Content & Community Marketer


Hi friend. How’s it going?

I’m guessing because you’re here, reading this little ol’ advert of mine, that you’re pondering the idea of a new gig. #amirite

Maybe your roommate, best friend or old work colleague has sent you this advert, because they know you, and they think that this role might speak to your soul. On the flip side, you might have come here all on your own (go you!), because frankly, you’re literally done with your current gig and it’s time to hit that refresh button.


So here’s the good news. I’m exclusively partnering with a wonderful client of mine that is a small, yet growing agency of queens at a gorgeous boutique digital agency in East Brisbane. They’re circa three years old, and can I tell ya, they’re currently doing some pretty fab things across SEO and Google Ads for their growing client base, with content marketing being the missing link in their offering. And, this is where you come in, obvs.

These lasses are smart.
They’re sassy.
They know their sh%t.
They’re colorful.
They love flamingoes. And they’re a genuine bunch of #goodhumans.
I like them a lot.

Ok, so here’s where you come in

Well, they need someone who has circa 2 years experience as a Content and Community Marketer under their belt (ideally agency side), and a real penchant for producing beautiful content that can be used in many kinds of beautiful ways. You’ll be-be given a lot of leeway here, and bucket loads of trust from the get-go, so you’ve gotta be cool to run with that. This isn’t a replacement role you guys. It’s a brand spanking opportunity that’s come about due to growth and expansion so it’s a delicious greenfield that’s ready to be pranced and played in! Are you in?

What’s important here my friends, is that you are a nice human.
You’ll need to have bucket loads of empathy.
You’ll have to be uber customer-centric – being able to skillfully link arms with your client portfolio on their content and community journey with you.    
Aaaand, you have to really like what you. Like really love it.

So, more about you…

You love words.
You’re bloody clever at packaging up beautifully written words.
You get psyched about coming up with cleverly curated content strategies, and you’re all about the socials, knowing innately what levers to push and pull to hit that sweet spot for clients. It gets you excited.

You’re constantly inspired. And you’re just craving a chance to have some darn freedom. You’re wanting some autonomy, because you’ve got some cool ways of doing stuff, plus you like using shiny new tools too. Yep. You’d just love a little bit more trust and jurisdiction to ACTUALLY do your job, giving you the chance to let you get hella’ more creative because let’s face it, that’s when the magic happens?

Well, for the sake of some dot-points, here’s a few for you that showcases some of the cool stuff you’ll be owning in your NEW role

  • Ducking, weaving, strategizing, all things content with your clients, leveraging ALL OF THE ‘COOL’ TOOLS that get the job done!
  • Successfully implementing, planning and optimizing social and content strategies across ALL the platforms, and perhaps even dip your toes into YouTube advertising too (if you’re up for the challenge);
  • Achieve ripper ROI for all clients in your small folio;
  • At a studio/company level, you’ll be owning and driving the content for Insta + Facey and coming up with cool concepts across to drive heightened engagement and empathetically ‘connect’ with the company’s audience;
  • Creating gorgeous copy for clients in the form of blogging, for da’ socials, and bit and pieces of content for SEO purposes too;
  • ALL THE REPORTING, but being quite discerning about how you do it, and innately understanding how each of your clients likes to be reported to;
  • Coming up with new ways of doing your role, and plugging into other areas of the business (from a content and community perspective) where you just know you can add some value; and
  • Staying ‘on-trend’ with ALL THE shiny new digital things.

A huge part of hiring for this role is attitude and culture fit first. So, if you’re creative, humble, clever, and have some cool ways of doing stuff; then chances are you’ll get on well with these gals. You’ll also be welcomed with open arms if you love indoor plants and flamingoes, but that’s not our criteria, ok. It might just help, that’s all!

Does this sound interesting?

Are you intrigued?

I hope so, and I hope you feel compelled to personally hunt me down to chat about it.

Here’s how you’ll find me ��

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