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Service Designer – build, transform & challenge businesses

I don’t know about you but I am searching for some diversity in the Service Design world! Have you noticed that here in ‘Straya, Service Design seems to concentrated in government orgs, consultancies, or ginormous conglomerates? Perhaps it’s because a lot of businesses don’t really understand what SD even is, let along its true value or purpose? Or possibly everyone’s still getting their heads around UX, XD, IX, CX & the XX (great band by the way) to even have SD in their periphery?

Well, I’m here to deliver some good news friend! There’s a new wave of HCD driven, ambitious and innovative young businesses who are embracing service design to drive continuous business innovation & improvement – Yay!

The team we’re currently helping is a perfect example of this. They’re a newly formed innovation practice, whose purpose is to craft and build new businesses, transform existing ones and continually improve the underpinning services that drive strategic growth across the group. They’re definitely not your typical corporate innovation business, but they are backed by one of Australia’s top ASX listed companies. This means you’ll be given enough resources, cash, scope, and rope to lasso some awesome work – but not too close the business or politics that you’ll want to put yourself out to pasture.

What’s your part to play in all this awesomeness?

As the resident Service Designer in the innovation squad, you’ll be leading and building the practice, focussing on there core areas of influence.

Developing programs to educate and enable the network of companies within the larger organisation to solve problems through a design-driven approach to innovation.

Developing tools, resources, and frameworks to support self-serve innovation initiatives across the group and beyond.

Organisational Design:
Driving Human Centred Design to build capability, while taking an insight-driven approach to redesigning organisational models, incentive structures and culture change.

You’ll be using all the tools in your toolkit from best practice business design and organisational design to business model canvas experimentation, ethnographic research and of course human-centred design.

To be successful on the team, you’ll need to have

  • Led ethnographic research, synthesis and insight generation
  • Experience in developing service concepts & blueprints
  • Awesome workshop leadership / facilitation experience
  • Worked in a Service Design, Organisational Design or Business Designer role
  • Provided mentorship and education on how to apply service design best practice
  • Proven experience in executing strategic frameworks, such as the development of customer value propositions and lean business model canvases

What our ideal persona might look like:

  • 3+ years experience within service design assisting both small and large organisations in solving multi faceted business problems
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously on a project from start to finish.
    • Ideation, execution and follow through are key to this position
  • Willingness to drive projects and get your hands dirty in the design process
  • Proven ability to lead projects and navigate through the design process fluidly by effectively engaging with and bringing stakeholders on the journey.
  • Human Centred Design running through your veins

What’s in it for you?

Well, this is a super unique proposition. You’ll be working within an innovation team that are close enough to the wider group to really make an impact, promote change, empower people through design and really get sh%t done, but separate enough (in just the right way) to not get embroiled in the inner-mechanics of the group. You’ll build diverse services from internal education portals and innovation hubs to complete start-up businesses from scratch.

Sure it’ll be challenging and they’ll be a heap of “paths less travelled”, but that’s why you do this after all right? So, if you’re looking for a role where no two days will be the same, where you’ll be constantly challenged, but supported – get in touch with me to learn more, [email protected]

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