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I am guessing that, if you’re reading this, there is a pretty good chance you know what to expect from this gig, what needs doing and, at the very least, what the hell good SEO is.
Let’s all assume you pass that test and I can talk more broadly as to what this is – what it means for you and, perhaps, why you should be interested. I’ll rattle off some specific stuff too, but I don’t want to hit you with “death by bullet point” and a boring copy+paste job spec.
Agency side. Think of this as a well-funded start-up. This is a business that has been proactive on re-positiong and going through a re-brand.  Why? Well, to stay relevant and to set the foundations for them to continue to grow and scale.
The restructure has moved them into a genuine agile environment and who are they? A business where creative meets data and their sweet spot covers both strategy and execution, more so the former – in my view.
As the business continues to grow in the way they are, you’ll have support – get the direction you need and only when you need it, scope and autonomy to test, fail, learn. Cover off skill gaps to help you to grow and to further support the business. This is a very good business and culture to support learning and development and progression.
Down to the detail, we need a few things – but I’m not going to rattle them all off on here. We can talk about that if this grabs you. You’ll need to lend your expertise across a wide range of Campaign work, content, reporting/tracking and Google, Google, Google.
I’ll leave it at that, but if this interests you or excites you so much that you can’t sleep at night? Well, apply and talk to us so we can talk about all of the things.
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