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As I write this, I have my ugg boots on. The fire is going, washing down a most delicious lamb shank with a nice glass of red (pinot in case you were wondering).
Picturing it?
Good. But it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to brag about my fire making abilities. It’s really not as easy as you think. But when you’re a pro…
What IS relevant is that this is a most excellent gig, with a most excellent business. I’m going to start by saying that this is the first Product hire, in what I would say is a business with momentum, track record but scaling. REALLY scaling.
How the hell have they gotten this far without someone like me, I hear you say? Good question. I asked the same thing. I have a serious bias for Product, so much so, that (and a lot of people would disagree, but…) I say, give me a good set of Devs, a Product leader of some sort and maybe a growth marketer (later), and we’re set. That’s it. What about UX, Brett? Nope. Product has us covered.
What have these guys been doing? Devs have been thinking like a Product Manager. I’m actually pretty impressed at how they go beyond coding and building stuff and being super close to the user, finding out what they want and having an appreciation of commercial opportunity and business objectives. But we’ve gone as far as we can without an actual Product person. Time to bring in some rigour, leadership, mentorship, strategy and really drive it.
You will be supported and expected to want to learn, to understand the market with which this Health Tech business operates, take direction and explore opportunities the business feels might be there and then start to lead this yourself. There is scope and opportunity to grow. You need to be good at the WHAT and the WHY. Others can support on the HOW.
So, you need to have been at home in start-ups or a business beyond Series B seriously scaling and using tech to solve a problem. You need to be close to the user. Make decisions and also execute. You will mentor, throughout the business and fly the flag for Product, in all its beauty.
If you have been a Dev in a previous life or know how to code a bit – that’s a big plus, but not essential. What is essential – tech/SaaS experience, you get Engineering and cool in a growth environment. And above all else – CX driven, driven by learning and values-driven too. Culture and ethics are REALLY important in this business as well as your ability to make an impact.

Now, I think that’s all I have to say about that and everything else. I’m going back to my glass of red and admiring my fire and hopefully, amongst all of this stuff I’ve typed, it has made you curious. If this sounds like you, for the love of god, apply. Apply, apply, apply. Texts, phone calls and emails are OK – voice messages, however, go into the abyss never to be found again.
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