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Senior Front-End Engineer
Imagine this…
You’re in a workshop with the Co-founder of Art Processors – one of the most interesting creative immersive technology companies in Melbourne and two of AP’s top developers to uncover what the current need is within their team (and you all have not stopped talking for 2 hours.)
The creativity is flowing, the passion is present and the opportunity is forming right before your eyes. “A Lead Front-End Engineer with a flair of Creative Technologist”
Yes I said it. The two words every user-centric Front-End Engineer wants to hear “creativity” and “technology” in one sentence… keep reading to learn what I mean.
Art Processors… who are they?
Founded in 2011, Art Processors is an experiential design consultancy specialising in rich, immersive visitor experiences for their clients.  They work alongside, and are embedded within, cultural* organisations to help them build people-centric interpretive experiences. The user experience is central to everything they do, no joke.  They specialise in creating immersive experiences by seamlessly blending the physical and digital world, connecting people to new ideas derived from their immediate surroundings.
They don’t solve business problems, they solve human problems. They work fast- prototype, test, learn, and iterate.
`That just sounds too good to be true’ you may be thinking to yourself… well before you lose faith in humanity I assure you IT IS AS IT SOUNDS! DO NOT HIT THE RED BUTTON AND ABORT MISSION–KEEP READING!
What have they been up to?
They delivered an innovative application that provides location-based content, tools for engagement, the ability to save and send one’s tour, and the possibility of group-differentiated content distribution for increasing engagement.
They work with leaders of the culture industry- companies with innovation at their core. Their projects encompass immersive audio soundscapes powered by location awareness, bringing rare and seldom seen artifacts to life through AR and VR. Rethinking the traditional podcast format by applying intelligent wayfinding technology to guide visitors through physical spaces enhancing their experience of the content. Their approach is to be fearless, so you will not see them following the herd. Art Processors and their client’s value experimentation, because they know it can open up a world of opportunity.
*Examples of “cultural organizations” – Museums, Zoos/ Sanctuaries, Historic Memorials, Touring Exhibitions, Visitor Attractions, Galleries + more to come!
The why
This local success story is going from strength to strength winning business that would have once been executed by traditional digital agencies. But it’s 2019, and AP have fast become the leaders of this niche space, equipped with the product knowledge and expertise required to be ahead of the curve and continually provide the most innovative of solutions … To be honest, we are hard-pressed to come up with close competitors this side of the ocean, which is not a bad problem to have! Already dominating the Australian market, they are now growing globally winning projects deeply rooted within the US and Europe.  
Along with creating bespoke projects for their clients, they develop platforms to allow them to work on a large number of simultaneous creative projects with both generalized and bespoke features and to manage and measure experiences.
Their business is undergoing rapid growth, so they need some more great humans to help them grow & revolutionize the way visitors engage with museums!
The what
As the Lead Frontend Engineer, you will sit at the intersection of technology, creativity, and business. You can speak all 3 languages fluently, but you don’t mince words. You live and breathe technology, but for you it always comes second to the user experience.
A key component to the effectiveness of this role is flexibility. When you’re involved in helping figure out design technicalities, it helps in the development of a strategic game plan for writing solid code. Products and clients needs change and code needs to be written in such a way that allows for adaptability, scalability and reusability.
About you:
Now usually I would say that a title, is a title, is a title… so for this role you may currently go by the name of Senior/Lead Frontend Engineer, Software Engineer… … how ever you choose to identify is fine by me, but really what we are looking for is someone who helps to formulate ways to uphold, improve, and hone the integrity of a product & design from a programmatic and imaginative perspective.
You will not be in a corner just sitting behind a computer, you will be working alongside producers, strategists, copywriters, digital designers and clients.
The nitty gritty:

  • Passionate about usability
  • Open to collaborating closely with designers to create well-crafted interfaces in a systematic way
  • Comfortable with a front-end stack built around a core of TypeScript, React and GraphQL
  • Experience building SPAs with and without CSS frameworks. Experience with Styled Components/Emotion a bonus.
  • Ability to implement complex React components from scratch
  • A solid understanding of vanilla JavaScript (ES6+) in the browser
  • Proven ability in producing maintainable and adaptable solutions  Experience with Mapbox or Google Maps, or geospatial data of any kind is a plus, but not a necessity.

In the back-end, they use a combination of Python, GRPC and Docker. Experience with some of the other back-end techy stuff they’re using is less important than a willingness to learn it.
What they can offer you:
The Art Processors team are encouraging, hardworking and willing to provide their staff with the support, tools and resources to flourish in their role. Not only will you be able to draw on the support of a widely experienced team while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your craft, you will also have an ongoing training budget allocated for continuous learning opportunities.
They have a newly renovated office in the heart of Collingwood that is continuously being upgraded with the most modern technology (3D modeling, VR, AR +  Green room) which will be the sandbox for both designer and developers to create the best possible products for their clients.
Art Processors encourages a positive work-life balance and respect and acknowledge that people have families and lives outside of their jobs. Whilst we are confident that when you join their team, they too will be family they understand that life happens and caters for a flexible working environment.

At Art Processors they don’t just accept difference — they celebrate it and thrive on it for the benefit of their employees, their products, and their clients. AP are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills by creating an inclusive environment for all employees. They understand that the more inclusive they are, the better their work will be.
Most importantly you’ll be involved in the process of delivering unique experiences for some of the most innovative creative institutions in the world. These projects ensure that there is always something new and exciting to learn.
Next Steps:
Now if this seems like something that would get you out of bed in the morning excited to start your day, let’s have a chat!
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