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What’s this about?

Let’s start off with factoids: Cancer kills over half a million people each year. It doesn’t distinguish between race, religion, gender or what you do. It is truly an awful disease that i’m sure looking around, you will know personally people that have been affected

Well, that’s a bit of a depressing fact and start to a job ad. But what’s being done about it?

A 13 person startup based in South Brisbane that have now been acquired by an incredible company are focused on cancer research through identification & treatment. These guys have the agility, culture and perks of a small scaling business but with the security and backing of a large ~$1B valued company to tackle this issue. Their dedication to both healthcare facilities and patients is second to none, and due to this, are growing their presence into NZ & Asia.

So what do they need?

They are needing your technical prowess to help them elevate not only their existing product to the next level, but work on several greenfield projects where you get to both use the latest technology (seriously, some impressive tech) but also be an active member of the planning of the project. Yeah, you heard correctly. No more “here you go here’s a spec sheet now deliver”. You personally decide how the product should be built from ground up. This will also eventually mean you will build your own team as the product develops.

So i’ll kind of be like a Front-End superhero fighting cancer on the front lines and get the opportunity to build an Avengers style team?

Look, your words not mine.

Okay cool so I got my cape now but what will the role actually look like and what do they need?

  • You will be building complex, multi-faceted cloud-based software solutions working closely with the company CTO, Head of Product & Lead Developer
  • Exceptional JavaScript skills (bonus points for VueJS/ReactJS), HTML5 & LESS
  • Nice to have would be exposure on working with PHP and Laravel framework (we don’t expect you to build on this, just a solid understanding as existing product runs on this tech)
  • Working with an existing product but also multiple greenfield projects where you take active part in planning the development

Want to use your powers for good? I’ve got a cape waiting:

Daniel Belic
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