Project Manager | Mid level | Digital projects | $130,000 – $140,000 inc


I’m going to do this ad a little different to what I usually do. I’m going to tell you about the challenges straight up that this role will bestow upon you. Because to be up front, we need someone who is really prepared to (enter catchy phrases) ‘roll their sleeves up’….’get their hands dirty’ …’be hands-on’ etc etc. But the beauty is, if you like improving things, educating, challenging the status quo (another catchy phrase for you) and getting ‘stuff done’ all the while working on some pretty cool digital projects, then this one might just be up your alley.

So, onto more about these challenges I speak of. This is a global business in the hospitality and food sector. You will know them, and dare I take a stab at it I reckon you will say you fancy it too. But it’s going to shock you when I tell you that the IT operations supporting its large presence here in Aus is quite small. Project capability is, let’s say, not the most mature. A challenge yes, but this is also where the upside is!

As a PM here, you would be joining at a time when they are ‘transforming’. Your role in all of this is to be someone who takes initiative, make it your own, put your stamp on it. Show them how wonderful it can be done when its done right!
If you can do this, you will be rewarded with autonomy, solid support from your manager who is so impressive I can’t begin to tell you. If you want to learn off someone who has project management 101 down pat, will push you and give you a no BS approach, this is becoming more and more like the right fit for you.

I should probably tell you now a bit more about the role itself….
You will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of Digital and IT application related projects across the business. This will include liaising with the relevant functional departments, to determine requirements and maintain resource capability throughout the life of the project. You will manage any external partners or providers to ensure the effectiveness of project implementation and delivery.

You may prepare business case’s and recommend/provide expertise around alternatives and/or optimisation of current solutions or upgrades required and be able to readily identify technical limitations of the current organisation and or systems.

  • Develop a project plan covering the scope, schedules, timeframe, resources and cost requirements for each project.
  • Guide and perform strategic analysis for each project.
  • Where needed, assemble a “Project Committee” made up of department representatives to assist in decision making, allocating responsibilities and communication management.
  • The leadership of project teams internally and externally.
  • Provide project reports and updates to the National IT Manager and/or the Board.
  • Manage development requests related to each project.
  • Conduct testing on new reports, applications, software and hardware related to each project
  • Stakeholder Identification – As part of delivery communications and engagement planning to ensure all affected stakeholders are identified and their interests and impacts assessed
  • Business engagement – Working closely with Sponsor and Steering Committee and other Stakeholders to maintain momentum for projects or continuous improvement. Also, understanding activity throughout the business that may impact the strategy or project

What are the types of digital projects I would work on?
Good question. Think new eCommerce website and mobile app build. Think new and innovative payments and POS solutions for their venues. Think large-scale CRM. ….just to name a few. Told you there would be some pretty sweet projects on offer.

Who is this going to suit best and what do I need?
This role is best for a mid-senior PM who has experience working in a small to medium-sized organisation. If you have worked with CRM, POS or digital projects before then this will give you a pretty good grounding to be successful in this role. Project Management certifications is a must, Agile even better, but not essential. You need to be someone who is self-driven and doesn’t need to sit in a team of 50 and wait to be told what to do. YOU will make this happen.
If you’re a pure infrastructure PM, not going to be the right gig for you.

What happens now?
If you’re sitting there thinking YES I want in on this action, then I definitely want to hear from you. Let’s get old school. Send me a cover letter and go outside the norm. Who are you, what are you passionate about, what’s the best project you have delivered and why?  Then let’s get the conversation started.

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