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I’m guessing because you’re here reading my little job advert, that you are ALL about that Google Ads life, and you’re pretty darn crafty at curating some delicious, compelling and cleverly put together content.

Excellent. Read on, friend…

I’m exclusively partnering with a wonderful client of mine that is a small, yet growing agency of Queens at a gorgeous boutique digital agency in East Brisbane that’s circa three years old. They’re doing some pretty fab things across SEO particularly right now, but also in Google Ads for their growing client base; and it’s just the start of things to come!

These lasses are smart. They’re sassy. They know their sh%t. They’re colorful, They love flamingoes, and if you haven’t already noticed, I just so happen to like them a lot too.

Where do you come in?

Well, they need someone who is a multi-dimensional marketer that has around 1-2 years Google Ads experience under their belt (ideally agency side), and a real penchant for producing beautiful content. If you’re kinda new to the game though, then don’t go discounting your wonderful self, okay? Because it’s a new role, we’re open to seeing people who might prefer Google Ads over producing content, or vice versa. 

What’s important here my friends, is that you are a nice human.
You’ll need to have bucket loads of empathy.
You’ll have to be uber customer-centric – being able to skillfully link arms with your client portfolio on their digital journey with you.    

Aaaand, you have to really love what you do and show a keen desire to continue to Marie Kondo the heck’ outta your craft.

Fancy some dot points that might better paint the picture around what you’ll be getting up to day-to-day? Here they are! #yourewelcome

  • Ducking, weaving, strategizing, and leveraging ALL OF THE ‘COOL’ TOOLS that get the job done!
  • Successfully implementing, planning and optimizing new PPC campaigns across Google Ads, some of the Socials (Instagram and Facebook mostly!), and perhaps even dip your toes into YouTube advertising too if you’re up for the challenge;
  • Achieve ripper  ROI/CPA for all clients in your small folio;
  • Hanging out a tonne in Google Analytics, obvs;
  • Creating gorgeous copy for clients in the form of blogging, creating content for da’ socials, and bit and pieces of content for SEO;
  • ALL THE REPORTING, but being quite discerning about how you do it, and innately understanding how each of your clients likes to be reported to;
  • Getting down and dirty in the strategy, planning and executing of all clients in your folio; and
  • Staying ‘on-trend’ with ALL THE shiny new digital things.

A huge part of hiring for this role is attitude and culture fit first. So, if you’re creative, humble, clever, and have some cool ways of doing stuff; then chances are you’ll get on well with these gals. You’ll also be welcomed with open arms if you love indoor plants and flamingoes, but that’s not our criteria, ok. It might just help, that’s all!

Does this sound interesting?

Are you intrigued?

I hope so, and I hope you feel compelled to personally hunt me down to chat about it.

Here’s how you’ll find me:

Eron Castro
0401 002 988
[email protected]

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