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We have partnered with an Aussie startup who are helping us change the way we achieve our financial goals. I’m super stoked about this one! Let me introduce uStash
Ok – Who are these guys? 
Good mates from a young age, Ryan and Mitchell started uStash in 2016. Having been a couple of young lads growing up on the Gold Coast, they knew from personal experience how bloody hard it is to enjoy life and get ahead at the same time!
Having tried all different ways to get ahead with next to no success, they knew there had to be an easier way! So a couple of years ago they started putting their heads together and what do you know – a briliant idea for an app that simplifies the way we save money and/or eliminate debt was born. A saviour for the every day ‘battler’. 
What are they building?
uStash is an app that assists users in implementing an automated savings regime. Their aim is to help people reach their financial goals and relieve some of the financial stress I’m sure we all feel from time-to-time. 
This app utilizes the concept of “round ups” which once connected rounds up each users transactions (specified by the user) to the nearest dollar. Each week this deposits the total sum of those round ups into an account of your choice. Yes ,it connects to whoever YOU bank with. 
The best way to think of this app is like a ‘virtual piggy bank’ for your spare change. Whether your financial goals are paying off your credit card, saving for that next trip to the Caribbean, whatever! This app will literally help get you there! 
So what’s the challenge here?
Glad you asked! 95% of the iOS part of the app has been built with a Node backend. This is an opportunity for an experienced developer to jump on board at the ground level and help steer the technical direction of this early stage startup – basically from day dot! The first priority would be for someone to build the Android component with a long-term view of taking full-ownership for this app and build a team around them (think CTO)!
They are solving a real problem and have implemented a business model which is working – so they are well set up for some exciting long-term growth and are on track for a successful Series A.  
They are currently based out of River City Labs in Fortitude Valley and the position will be based between there and remotely.
Where do I sign? 
Wait a minute… I still need to tell you more about the current infrastructure so you know what you’l be walking into.  The uStash server is written in a mixture of Typescript and Javascript on NodeJS. All backend services are hosted within AWS. The uStash iOS application is written natively in Swift. 
Our expectations of you are that you come with experience in these, for sure – but also have further capability, commercial knowledge and skill with:

  • Typescript and Javascript
  • Familiarity with Express and Sequelize frameworks 
  • Experience with PostgreSQL databases 
  • Perficient with Swift and iOS app development 
  • Experience with AWS and Linux server administration Experience with Networking and Security Interest in JVM languages (for an android app) 
  • Startup experience is highly desirable – if you’re the magic mix of enterprise software and startups –  I could just about kiss you!

The E word?
Yep – Equity is a discussion they are happy to have if you happen to be their dreamboat developer
Go on…Take a chance and join this legendary early stage startup.  This one’s going to be career changing for someone – is that you?!
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