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Is it just me, or have you noticed that so many of the JavaScript Developer roles around at the moment seem to be purely focusing the WHAT, rather than the WHY? They’re full of clickbaity buzzwords that sound hella cool, but I think, lack any detail into why they’ve been chosen, the engineering practices that underpin them and most importantly why any of it matters!

I’m choosing to go down a different route with this advert… if you can even call it an advert?

I’ve teamed up with one of my favourite engineering teams in Melbourne. They’re a FinTech scale-up business who punch well above their weight in the global market. They’re doing some pretty innovative & impressive things in their space and really putting user needs and experiences first! Essentially, they’re just a super cool bunch of cool people, building cool stuff and having fun along the way.

Yeah, that’s sweet and all, but why should I consider this role?

That’s a great question and for me, it comes back to the “why” I mentioned earlier. The JavaScript team is only a year old and as a result, they’ve really invested in quality engineering practices from the outset. I’m talking almost no technical debt, (yeah, ya heard me right) –  a strong emphasis on “strict mode” and functional programming in ES6 and a mature test-driven workflow with the right tooling at the right times including TSlint, Jest and Webdriver for automated test and build chains.

No more spaghetti code. No more trying to understand the biz logic that 30 separate devs have all whipped up – but rather clarity, transparency and a true opportunity to build greenfield applications with autonomy & creativity.

Right now, some of you are thinking “yeah, right! That doesn’t exist” – I promise it DOES!

What’s even better still is that they’ve chosen a modern technology stack that can scale, will grow and will be utilised in different applications and builds, including a React Native build in the next 6-12 months!

What kind of tech will I be working with?

As a JavaScript Developer in this team you’ll work with:

  • React with heavy use of Redux (Redux Saga)
  • TypeScript with an emphasis on “Strict mode”
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Tooling including: TSLint, Jest, Webdriver
  • React Native (to build out of the logic from Redux SM)

Along with a strong understanding of React.js and Redux, we’re looking for someone who understands how React renders components, and why functional programming and “strict mode” in JS/TS are important.

If that’s you – then I’m the man you need to speak to immediately, if not sooner!

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