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So, we talk about our love for startups A LOT here at Affix.  And this amazing new role requires someone not only to love the startup space but to live and breath it! You’ll be working in a startup who works with entrepreneurs and, you guess it, STARTUPS to help give them all the tools to launch and grow.  Sound fun? We think so.  

This is not your every day, standard type of gig, this one’s got a few different components to it, so bear with me while I explain….. 

You will be working with the CEO/Founder to design and develop innovative education programs for startups. This involves the design and delivery of online and offline education programs, facilitating workshops and creating content that resonates with the startup community. Not only that, you will own the marketing strategy and build channels to drive new client acquisition, as well as using your marketing expertise to build out programs to educate clients around what a good marketing plan for a startup looks like. You will be the subject matter expert for all things marketing!  You will be supported by a small team, which you will be responsible for, so being a good leader is kind of important too.

Are you still with me? I haven’t put you to sleep yet? No, good!  

These guys have been around for a few years now and are adding real value to the community, after discovering that there were very few consultancies in place to provide entrepreneurs with advice around the requirements of starting and building a successful business. The focus for the business now is building out its education/program arm.  This is the fun stuff and it will be yours to own!!

In my opinion, there are many reasons why you would want to work here, but here are just a few: 
  • Passionate Founder, who will support and help guide you
  • You get to see your work result in the success of others
  • Have a seat at the leadership table and have influence
  • Great warehouse office in Richmond
To set yourself up for success in this role you will need to be super passionate about technology and startups – yes, I know I keep banging on about it but you can’t be a pretender.  You may be a founder who has some marketing experience looking to provide education to other founders or maybe a marketer that has helped a startup get off the ground. You thrive on interaction with others and enjoy networking and attending events. Some design skills would also come in handy, but hey, we can chat about that. 

So, if you LOVE startups, have some marketing chops and want to make a difference to the lives and business of entrepreneurs, let’s chat.  

Apply, text, email – whatever’s easiest.

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