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Marketing. Making things look pretty. Doing all the colouring-in. Making collateral/decks and all that stuff for the Sales team to do the heavy lifting, right?
What I am interested in talking about here is customer experience, providing meaningful insights into the business and being the team that is responsible and owns growth.  Oh, and being handy with PowerPoint and using a laser pointer. Kidding!
OK, so this gig is in the wonderful world of Health Tech. I’m going to keep it broad and it’s taken a little bit of heat over the last week or so. Being in an environment where trust, ethics and values are held above all else, this business ticks the boxes on that and provides scope, driving growth in a serious way and in a purpose lead environment too.
Still with me? Excellent. Most excellent.
Now, what are the things that I need to highlight that you’ll be doing? Leadership is obviously a thing here – you can’t exactly be the Head of Yourself. You’ll have a small team (to start with) that is fairly green-ish that you’ll grow significantly in the short to medium term.
It’s worth mentioning that the business has been patient and now is the time to really drive growth, yes that’s growth, oh, and we’re looking to take a new product to market this year, above everything else.
Anywho… Driving greater engagement, support the CX function around churn and maximising the CLTV. Understand who we are and should be talking to, where we find them and how we keep them. So top and bottom of the funnel and solid customer journeys.
You’ll need to be confident across the full marketing mix. My feeling is that there will be a slight digital bias, but building the brand so people understand who it is and what they stand for is equally important. I’ll need you to be comfortable in the detail, in the data, creative and commercial awareness, so… Pretty much everything. You’ll need to know and do ALL OF THE THINGS.
This is a crucial and senior role. A lot to do. A lot of influence, resources and support.
Sound good? If so, please apply. Feel free to say hi. The end of the application process is nigh. I joke, I just wanted to rhyme with apply and hi. I like rhymes. REALLY like them and if you can find a rhyme for discombobulate, you win a prize.
PLEASE NOTE: phone calls, texts and emails are cool. Applications are EVEN BETTER. I am, however, hopeless with voice messages. The mailbox is probably full anyway.
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