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So, you’ve clicked into this ad maybe thinking you know what this is all about and you’ve got it covered or wondering, what the bloody hell is this?
To those wondering, the best way I can think of this role is like a Head of Customer Success role on some SERIOUS STEROIDS. Now, I don’t condone the taking of performance enhancing drugs, nor do I have a thing for big, muscly men lathered up in oil doing the weird poses they do on stage. Totally cool if you do, by the way. I know a guy who does it and wins stuff.
What I’m TRYING to say is that there is a lot of stuff going on with this gig.
But, Brett, what is the stuff, of which you speak? Glad you asked.
From day one, you’ve already got multiple functions, with quite a few direct and indirect reports. This covers Customer Success, Support, Onboarding, Installation and there is a lot of room and need to drive further growth across those functions. You’re responsible for leading these functions and how to scale it further. This isn’t your first time doing it, either.
This, however, is not an Ivory Tower type thing where you’re a spreadsheet master. You need to bring more to the table than that. Yes, thinking big and being strategic is a thing here, influencing and being able to solve problems and understand wider business objectives, but you’ve got to be tactical too, where and when needed.
Speaking of being all strategic and big picture. How do we really get to know our customers/users? How might we provide the best possible customer experience? Reach the many, automate as much as possible? Provide valuable insights into the rest of the business to influence Product roadmaps, what the Devs are doing and Design? How do we ensure users are getting the most value, maximising CLTV and educating them every step of the way? Yup, all of these things.   
Where is it that you’ll be working. I’m going to stick to broad themes here. Health Tech. An actual start-up that has grown up. Immediate track record, investment with a lot of growth and success to boast about, but from what I can see, it really is only the start. Cliché? Yup, but I struggle to think of how else to say it.
Curious? Intrigued? Eager? Frothing at the mouth? Great. Apply. If that’s not your thing, ok, call me, email me, text me but I am absolutely hopeless with voicemail. 
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