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Start-ups. This role is with an actual start-up. You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? Well, I can strike off what this business isn’t. Please, read below…
No, it’s not doing is 622nd Series B. No, they have not been around for 15 years with a “start-up culture” or “mindset”. They’re not a scale-up (yup, that’s a thing now). They’re not even a new brand, that considers itself a start-up, under the bosom of a massive corporate with billions of dollars in the kit.
Yep, like I said, an actual start-up.
What does that mean for you? A lot of things, so let’s try and cover this as best we can. I think the business has enjoyed success doing a lot of outbound activity. Without a doubt. Now is the time for inbound.
You would need to be familiar in digital/tech environments, more specifically, B2B SaaS stuff. Consumer experience is cool because they have aspirations to launch a consumer app in the near-ish future. You’ll need to ok working with a business set up to function remotely, throughout Australia, with a hub forming in Melbourne, and a handful of people dotted around internationally.
What will you be doing? Firstly, setting up the marketing infrastructure. What tools, systems are we using? What is our Growth Strategy? Understanding who we are, who we need to talk to then decide how and where and what we’re saying. To start with, you’ll be focused on the top end of the funnel but need to be comfortable in mapping our good customer journeys, conversation rate optimisations and maximising the CLTV.   
Growth, right?
A lot of scope, influence, leadership at, what I consider, a good and exciting time to be joining this business. An impressive track record to already point at and a good Product to get behind. I’m also going to put it out there that flexibility, real flexibility, is a thing here.
So, I saved this when I was halfway through, last night, and just finished it – so hopefully this makes sense. If it does and you like what you’re reading, rad. Let’s talk about it.

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